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Madden 17: Gun Bunch Wide – PA Post

In today’s free Madden 17 offensive strategy, we are going over a simple play from the Atlanta Falcons playbook.

You can check it out below.

Madden 17: Gun Bunch Wide - PA Post

Playbook: Atlanta Falcons

Formation: Gun Bunch Wide

Play: PA Post


  1. Put the Y/Triangle receiver on a drag route
  2. Block the running back
  3. Motion out the B/O receiver to the right


  1. The first read on the play is the Y/Triangle tight end on the drag route
  2. The second read on the play is the X/Square receiver on the corner route
  3. The third read on the play is the A/X receiver deep over the middle
  4. The final read on the play is the B/O receiver

Overview: This play is highly effective due to the face that it attacks all levels of the field. It really attacks the middle of the field, short, medium, and deep over the middle.

It also has a corner route on the left side of the screen which makes it really good. Make the correct read and move the ball down the field.

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