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Madden 17 Cover 2 Beater: Fade Smash

In today’s free Madden 17 tip, we are going over a play that absolutely destroys cover 2 defenses.

You can check out the full breakdown below.

Madden 17: Gun Trips TE Offset - Fade Smash

Playbook: Minnesota Vikings

Formation: Gun Trips TE Offset

Play: Fade Smash


  1. Put the A/X receiver on a slant route
  2. Put the running back on an out to the left


  1. The first read is the Y/Triangle receiver deep to the left side of the field
  2. The second read is the A/X receiver on the slant
  3. The third read is the running back out of the backfield
  4. The fourth read is the X/Square receiver on the hitch

Overview: This play will absolutely destroy Cover 2, and the majority of the time against a Cover 2 this play will either result in huge yardage or touchdowns. There is also some key check downs on this play in case the deep ball is not there.

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