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Madden 17 Blitz: 4-4 Split – Cover 2 Invert

In today’s free Madden 17 tip, we are going over one of the most versatile defenses in Madden 17.  This defense gets quick pressure off the edge and can also be used as a run defense.

You can check out the full setup below.

Madden 17 Blitz: 4-4 Split - Cover 2 Invert

Madden School AppPlaybook: Buffalo Bills

Formation: 4-4 Split

Play: Cover 2 Invert


  1. Base align
  2. Spread the linebackers
  3. Blitz the outside linebacker on the right side of the screen

Overview: This play brings great pressure off of the right edge so it works well as a pass defense.  It is a Cover 2 Invert defense, so it also can stop (or slow down) the most powerful runs in Madden 17.  The zones can be changed up based on the routes that your opponent is using. If you are able to take away your opponent’s first read, you will usually get a sack.

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7 years ago

I’m 42 years old been playing Madden forever it seems but I’ve never learned any defensive tricks (nano) I’m willing to subscribe to your page or even pay whatever it takes for me to get better defensively, I like to use the Giants

7 years ago

They put 4-4 in a ton of playbooks this season.

7 years ago

That’s the Left Outside Linebacker in the depth chart.

6 years ago

Bout to try it out