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Madden 16 Ultimate Team Rewards

Newly announced by EA Sports, Madden 16 will implement a rewards system for Madden Ultimate Team (MUT).  If you played MUT in Madden 15, EA is implementing a rewards system to help you get started building your team in Madden 16.

The way the system works is based on how many packs of cards you purchased with coins or points in Madden 15.

  • 50 total packs purchased gets you a pro badge
  • 250 total packs purchased gets you an all-pro badge
  • 1,000 total packs purchased gets you a legendary badge

Loyalty Badges can be redeemed in Madden NFL 16 Ultimate Team for packs, contracts, and other things.  This is good news for gamers who spent countless hours (and money) building an elite team in Madden 15.  You won’t get to carry your team over, but at least you will get some sort of head start in Madden 16.

If you are a big time MUT player be sure to check out the deluxe edition of Madden 16, priced at $69.99.  For the extra $10 you will receive up to $50 worth of MUT exclusive content.

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8 years ago

Ads in sports games might not be so bad, after all we are aldarey used to seeing them all over race cars, baseball stadiums, and so on. I would guess they wouldn’t allow ads for competing products though, for instance if Microsoft still developed Links Golf there wouldn’t be ads for it in EA’s own Tiger Woods Golf.