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Complete Madden 16 Miami Dolphins Ratings

The full Madden 16 ratings for the Miami Dolphins are now available.  The individual ratings for every member of the Dolphins can be found below.

By default our table is sorted from highest overall to lowest overall but you can sort based on position, speed, or any other individual rating.  You can also search for a specific player based on their name.  There are a lot of ratings so you may have to scroll to the left or right.

The Miami Dolphins have a team rating of 81 overall in Madden 16.

[table id=16 /]

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  1. Are u kidding me?? Why is everyone so slow on here?? Grimes and wake is an absolute joke. I mean whoever is in charge of these ratings needs a lil help. I don’t get it. And suh should be 99 strength. I mean Whatever. I don’t even know if I want to buy this game and I have bought it every single year it’s been out. They just seem out of whack with these ratings.

  2. I mean u basically have earl Mitchel faster than wake. Lol. Get real! LMAO