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Madden 16 Full Ratings are Here

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  1. Disappointed with the player ratings in Madden 16. The most elite and explosive players for their positions in AP and Jamaal Charles speed ratings has dramatically dropped from the last madden. I don’t know why but without the accurate attributes for these players, Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles are no longer on madden. These players on madden will be no different than playing with a Joe Banyard or a Cyrus Gray. I don’t if I’m going get madden 16 anymore. I’ll have to see if the spreadsheet is accurate to the gameplay first.

    1. Speed has dropped dramatically across the boards. There is no one with 98 or 99 speed in this madden, and very few with 95+ speed. But as long as the speed drop is consistant it shouldn’t change the game play. EA has a new ratings guy that did these ratings and it would appear he evaluates speed differently. I wouldn’t let the speed ratings alone scare you away.