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Madden 16 Franchise Mode Gets Draft Boards

Madden franchise mode community leader Shopmaster has an interview with EA’s Kolbe Launchbaugh talking about CFM in Madden NFL 16.

The big highlight from the conversation is that there will be a form of draft boards in Madden 16.  There won’t be a way to set a draft board and then walk away and not be present for the draft but you will be able to differentiate between players you scouted that you want and players that you scout and you know you aren’t interested in.

They also talk about some of the other things found in Madden 16 franchise mode that we discussed earlier here.

The interview is below:

Madden 16 CFM Dev Talk w/ Kolbe - We Get A Draft Board!! - Kind of

This is a huge step in the right direction.  We could be only a year or 2 away from being able to set a draft board and then not attend the draft letting the computer take the players you want.

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