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Madden 15 Gun Trips TE Mini Scheme Part 1: Man Beaters

In today’s free tip, SnA Exclusive is going over 3 plays out of the Gun Trips TE formation that you can use to beat man to man defense in Madden NFL 15.

Check back again tomorrow for another 3 plays from the same formation that beat zone defenses.

Madden NFL 15 Man Beaters: Gun Trips TE Scheme Part 1

Playbook: Baltimore

Formation: Shotgun Gun Trips TE


  1. PA Slot Corner
  2. Flex Verts
  3. Flex Y PoCo


PA Slot Corner
TE -> Corner Route -> Post Route -> Drag route

Flex Verts
Inside Crossing route -> TE Drag Route -> Deep Crossing Route -> Comeback route

Flex Y-PoCo
Inside Out Route -> Post Route -> PoCo

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9 years ago

Really liking the PA Slot Corner after establishing the ground game. Broke one for 50+ yds earlier.

+ +