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Madden 15 Goal Line Offense Strategy

As you get closer to the goal line, it gets harder and harder to move the ball in Madden NFL 15.  In today’s free Madden tips, SnA Exclusive is sharing one of his favorite little schemes to punch the ball into the end zone near the goal line.

Check out the full video below.

Madden 15 Goal Line Mini Scheme

Playbook: Seattle

Formation: Shotgun Empty Trey


-Jet Sweep
-PA Jet Sweep
-Hawks Stick


You want to have fast people in the slots (I use Harvin and Lynch), a good run blocking TE as your in-line TE, and then you can either have a good jump ball WR or just throw a TE out on the far right as you personnel grouping here.

PA Jet Sweep –> Put your TE on the slant and the other slot WR on an in route, then fade your far right TE/WR.
Hawks Stick –> Max protect –> Put left slot WR on a zig route –> Put far right WR/TE on a fade


Hawks Stick –> TE slant –> RB in route –> Fade route –> Slot WR on the jet sweep

Overview: Scoring from the goal line or having a formation you know will work when you need to get a 2 point conversion is something that is very underrated but VERY important in Madden. This formation allows you to both run and pass effectively on the goal line, especially against users who love to cover the middle of the field, as this formation will have them guessing and moving in one direction then you hit them going back the other way.

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