SnA Exclusive is going over 5 different blitz setups all out of the 3-4 Normal formation in Madden 15.  If you mix these plays up well, your opponent will have a hard time moving the ball.

Check out the full video breakdown and written analysis below.

Playbook: Any 3-4 Book (I’m using a custom book)

Formation: 3-4 Normal (3-4 Odd in any Team-Based playbook)


Cross-Fire 3
Pinch Mike 0
Corner Blitz 3
FS Blitz 3 (Flipped, but it’s the same setup either way)
Sam Mike 3


Cross-Fire 3: Base Align –> Crash DL Down –> Re-blitz OLB of your choice –> QB Contain

Pinch Mike 0: (If you need to, flip the play in order to get the ILB that’s blitzing to come towards the LoS) –> Base Align *optional* –> User the ILB that’s not blitzing and move him into the vacant gap next to the DE and DT and hold the RT for a second after the snap –> Shade coverage underneath –> QB Contain (if you think PA is coming)

Corner Blitz 3: Base Align *optional* –> Press *optional*

FS Blitz 3: Base Align –> Crash DL Down –> Re-blitz OLB on opposite side of blitzing Safety

Sam Mike 3: Base Align –> Show blitz –> Re-blitz ROLB (left on screen)

Overview: The 3-4 has a lot of versatility and power when used correctly, and although EA hasn’t truly unleashed the 3-4 yet, there’s still some things you can do out if it. The best thing about the 3-4 is being able to bring pressure from either side without telling your opponent where it’s coming from, and in this video I showcase how to accomplish this using many different plays with pressures from both sides to keep your opponent guessing!