Everyone already knows what teams are going to be the most effective in Madden 11, these teams will include the New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys, and many people will use the Minnesota Vikings. However, there are teams that have the potential to be very good that many people are overlooking. Madden is filled with players that produce much better than their overall ratings would indicate. There are also entire teams in the game that have slightly lower ratings but can be deadly if used in the correct way. So here are my top 3 Madden 11 teams that you may overlook! (All Madden 10 ratings, as of final update)

1. Seattle Seahawks

– They have a top notch defense anchored by Lofa Tatupu, rising star Aaron Curry, and Marcus Trufant. Earl Thomas is also an excellent addition to their secondary, adding that much needed safety to prevent big plays down the field. The offense of this team has also improved exponentially by adding Leon Washington and LenDale White. The two running backs will be an explosive tandem with the new run blocking system, making the power running game a much more important part of the game. Matt Hasselbeck is also a top 15 QB when he is healthy, and in Madden they are always usually healthy so this team is always being overlooked by a lot of people who are just staring at the 49ers in the division.

X Factor: The major advantage that an user of the Seahawks has is the element of surprise. An inexperienced Madden player will say “Oh, it’s just the Seahawks this guy must suck.” This will make the bum use a lower rated team, and you will be able to burn him with the Seahawks. People totally ignore this team. It makes no sense to me, they have some of the best young talent in the game and had an okay draft.

2. Buffalo Bills –

 Picking up C.J. Spiller totally changes the dynamic of this offense and adds some speed to an otherwise slow power running game. I argue that they have the best backfield in the game with Marshawn Lynch, Fred Jackson, and the newly drafted C.J. Spiller. Their receivers are also solid with speedy Lee Evans, even speedier Roscoe Parrish, and rookie David Nelson. The Bills defense has some of the best corners in the game with Leodis McKelvin, Terrence McGee, and Drayton Florence. They also have a hard hitting safety in Donte Whitner who can change the game with one monster hit, along with Jaruis Byrd, who should at the very least have some nice stats. Their front seven is also one to fear with Paul Posluszny, Kawika Mitchell, Marcus Stroud, and Aaron Schoebel (possible retirement may change that). The Bills are overshadowed by the other power house teams in their division that include the Jets, Patriots, and Dolphins.

X Factor: This team has an explosive offense and a defense full of playmakers. This team can force so many turnovers that you will always have a chance to get the ball back at any point on the field. 

3. St. Louis Rams

Sticking with the theme of the NFC West, the Rams also look as if they could create some noise in Madden 11. The Rams, with the consistency of Steven Jackson and their newfound firepower on offense, could be a very high scoring threat. Obviously Sam Bradford will be the biggest difference maker for the franchise, but their pick of Mardy Gilyard is being ignored. Mardy opens up the field for Donnie Avery and Keenan Burton, and Sam Bradford is capable of making all the throws. The defense of the Rams also looks pretty good with James Laurinatais, Bobby Carpenter, and Chris Long leading the way. They will be able to get pressure on the quarterback and contain the running game.

X Factor: The main strength of the Rams will be the ability to keep the other offense off the field and control the clock. Limiting the big plays by the other team and scoring on long, consistent drives will be the key to victory for Rams users.

Madden 11 will be a game relying much more on skill and strategy unlike previous Maddens. There will be no way to choose that unstoppable play every time and the game will rely even more on how good you are with a particular team. The three teams will give you a chance to fly under the radar and be able to surprise the other player. Have fun out there finding your team that you are unbeatable with! Can’t wait ‘till Madden 11, August 10!

Written by: timschroeder546