We have now released an ebook for the tampa bay offensive playbook for madden 10. And for the first week it is for the holiday price of only $18.99.


This eBook is our first offensive ebook of the year and we choose to do it from a completly unknown playbook. Instead of rushing out an ebook as fast as we could, we choose to take our time and give you the best product available on the internet for the lowest price.

But why would we make an ebook on a playbook that is 100% unknown? Simple because nobody will have ever seen this scheme before making your offense undefendable and 10 times more effective. Also, we plan on limiting our sales to ensure that not everyone online and in tourneys is running this scheme. This way loyal madden-school members will have the advantage over everyone else.


This is the only ebook on the internet that was created specifically for the second patch. All other ebooks you may have are out dated and many plays will not work anymore!

Our tampa bay offensive playbook eGuide contains:

8 consistently great run plays
24 pass plays
5 plays with completely unbumpable secret routes
Man beaters
Zone beaters


If you use a team with a great wide receiver (patriots, texans, colts, cardinals, lions, Chargers, Saints, Packers etc) you need this ebook.

We show you how to crush cover 2, cover 3, Cover 4, zone nanos, man nanos, fag D. All for under 20 dollars.

Did i mention high definition videos? The quality of the videos are amazing, the breakdowns are clear. Whether you are completly new to madden or an experienced veteran, this ebook is a must buy.

Most ebooks with videos contain at most 15 plays as you experienced ebook buyers know. Our contains over 30. Our eBook has high definition videos, most ebooks, if they have videos at all are hard to see, laggy, and choppy.

Now you will not even have to wait once you order our ebook, right after your purchase, you will receive an email with instructions on how you access your ebook.

By purchasing your ebook, you are helping support Madden-School. We have given out over $650 dollars in prizes this year alone in tournaments, leagues, and contests. Your purchases allows us to keep giving back to the Madden Community by hosting these free events with cash payouts.


Please take a look at 2 sample videos from our unbumpable routes section:

Play: Gun Doubles- PA Slot Post


1. Cancel the play action/ block your halfback
2. Send your tight end on a drag route
3. Motion your right outside wide receiver left and snap when he starts moving


1.The right outside receiver’s route is now unbumpable, and he darts past his defender. Lead pass up to him. If you opponent is nanoing with bump and run coverage, this play usually results in a touchdown.
2. Your second read is your tight end on the drag route, but you really won’t need him most of the time.

Play Singleback Bunch- Pa Draw Pass


1. Cancel Play Action
2. Motion your outside bunch receiver out towards the sideline


1. Once again this is an unbumpable route vs both zone and man to man defenses as shown in the video. Quick lead pass up to your wide receiver that you sent in motion for a big gain.

Hope you enjoyed our free preview. Be the first to purchase and get an email sent instantly to you and start dominating your opponents today for only $18.99