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Madden 10- 46 Defense Ebook

Our 46 Ebook is now finished. It is yours for only $22.99. This ebook is only for pc users. (sorry mac people)

Each Ebook Includes:

  • High Quality videos
  • Written breakdowns of every play and tip.
  • The most effective defensive tip in the game
  • How to turbo blitz
  • How to nano with as little as 4 defenders

This guide is truly a must have. If you have ever had trouble stopping your opponents offense, you have suffered too much. This guide is built for tournament players, online players, and madden baller’s who play for money. Whatever level of madden you play, this guide will help you.

As a one time special, if you buy the 46 Ebook, we will through in Buddah’s Guide to the Compression Offense (A comprehensive look at bunch and tight formations) 100% free.

Note: Because of increased ebook theft, we have upgraded our security system. Once you buy and download the ebook, you will need to email with the user number you are given. I will reply back with your free compression guide and your registration number so you can access the ebook
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