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Madden 23 Title Update September

Latest Madden 23 Title Update Underwhelms, Bigger Update Scheduled For Mid-October

The late-September title update for Madden 23 was just released but unfortunately it addresses none of the big concerns from the community.

The title update notes that EA announced today were very thin, stating that this patch only includes:

  • Stability improvements
  • Addressed a rare player model issue

However, EA also stated that, “they are aware of several issues that players have reported within franchise mode” and they are working to resolve them.

The next update will be mid-October so Madden gamers still have another 2-3 weeks without any of their main concerns being addressed.

The previous Madden 23 title update came out all the way back on September 8th so by mid-October it will be 5 to 6 weeks of the biggest issues in the game going completely unaddressed. That is assuming there are no delays.

Some of the big community issues reported in Franchise mode include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Regular season randomly going back to pre-season
  • Cutting/Signing players not saving
  • Stats for games disappearing
  • When a user concedes a game while tied, it records the outcome as a tie
  • Salary Cap reset not resetting
  • Various other issues causing franchise mode to break and become unusable

Meanwhile the Ultimate Team community is facing it’s own problems with some of their biggest issues being:

  • Very poor pack odds
  • Users not receiving coins after winning the Super Bowl
  • Poor rewards for “no money spent” players
  • XP/Card/Coin rewards not showing up

On the gameplay front, the 2 biggest things we are hearing that need to be addressed are:

  • Offensive line targeting is very poor
  • Man coverage needs tuning

Hopefully, many of these issues will be addressed in the mid-October title update but only time will tell on that.

What other issues are currently plaguing Madden 23? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Jason Long
Jason Long
1 year ago

I’m constantly getting kicked out to the dashboard or the console had to reboot tldue to Madden locking up in games

1 year ago

AI in Franchise Mode is completely jacked up…. Yet they bragged about how much better it would be this year.

– Panthers take a RB with the #1 pick (which they don’t need) rather than the Superstar XFactor 79 OVR QB (which they desperately need).
– Steelers spend $50M signing 3 WRs in FA, despite being the only position where they are stacked.
– 49ers sign James Robinson and Devin Singletary in FA, immediately put Singletary on the trade block in Week 1.
– Eagles sign Tom Brady in FA to a one year $40M deal, likely meaning Hurts will bail in the Off-season and Brady will retire… Leaving a gaping hole at QB.

1 year ago

Face of the Franchise mode can’t resign or just breaks.

Derek Lopez
Derek Lopez
1 year ago

Interceptions in CPU vs CPU franchise is broken. Far too often a cornerback runs the route for the receiver, they have glue for hands, and the QB lobs a pass into the flat or on a curl route for a guaranteed pick.

1 year ago

Why is big nickel over G not in madden franchise mode ?