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How To Shut Down Bubble Screens In Madden 21

Bubble Screens are one of the most effective ways to beat man to man coverage in Madden 21.

In this Madden School Film Room tip, we are going over how to stop them.

Playbook: New York Giants

Formation: Big Nickel

Play #1: Cover 1 hole (mainly vs trips formations)


  1. Press coverage
  2. Put the Slot Cornerback in a hard flat as shown
  3. Man the linebacker up to the B/O receiver
  4. Pinch the defensive line
  5. Slant Outside the defensive line

Play #2: Cover 4 Palms (vs formations without 3 receivers on one side)


  1. Press Coverage
  2. Shade Underneath coverage
  3. Pinch the defensive line
  4. Slant Outside the defensive line

Overview: In this video we breakdown a couple of ways to absolutely shutdown the bubble screens. We have shown just how effective these screen plays can be in this game and how difficult they are to defend. However, here we make life easy for you with ways to completely eliminate it from your opponent.

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