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Madden 20 hurry up offense and spike

How To No Huddle, Spike, Or Fake Spike In Madden 22

You never want to leave points on the field because you run out of time which is why clock management is so important at the end of each half in Madden.

There are 3 main options to try to save time if you have ran out of time outs and didn’t get your player out of bounds.

You can no huddle, spike the ball, or fake spike.

In this article, we are going to go over in detail how to do each of those.

How To No Huddle

After a run or a completed pass where your player does not go out of bounds, you want to immediately hold Y on XBOX One or Triangle on PS4.

This will hurry your players up to the line and the last play you called will be your default play unless you audible.

How To Spike The Ball

Ater a run or a completed pass, you want to immediately hold down B on XBOX One or Circle on PS4.

This will cause your players to hurry up to the line. You will still have to snap the ball but once you do your quarterback will immmediately spike it.

How To Fake Spike The Ball

After a run or a completed pass, immediately hold X on XBOX One or Square on PS4.

This will hurry your team up to the line but after you snap it your quarterback will enter a fake spike animation and then be able to throw the ball to a wide receiver.

Be aware though, there isn’t a very good competitive reason to call a fake spike in a game other than it looking cool.

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  1. Like people don’t know this already

  2. Thank you for this I was repeatedly spiking the ball when I just wanted to do a hurry up not a hurry up and spike don’t know what the problem was with the last guys comment not everyone knows this, Madden has done a poor job over the years of getting it out to the community when controls have changed the last mad and I played it was over seven so for someone who’s just now got back into gaming thank you

  3. Why in the world can I not find a keyboard control for this anywhere?

  4. Thanks. What button for PC? Don’t tell me backspace. That’s not working.

  5. Yes thanks. I keep holding square on PlayStation thinking I am spiking it, and it was the fake spike. I would get sacked or throw a pick because I dint know what was going on. EA should have made the fake spike an audible. Not assign it to a damn button.