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Madden 21 0 1 Trap

How 0 1 Trap Works In Madden 21 And Why It’s So Effective

In this video, we are going over how the 0 1 Trap run works and why it is extremely effective against 3 down lineman defenses in Madden 21.

It is one of the best run play to call against the Nickel 3-3-5 formation, and allows you to get inside kickout blocks and create a lane right down the middle of the field.

Check out the full breakdown below!

Playbook: Any

Formation: Any

Play: 0 1 Trap

Setup: None Required

Overview: This is one of the better run concepts in Madden 21, especially against 3 down lineman defenses like Dollar 3-2-6 and Nickel 3-3-5.

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3 years ago

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