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Gun Bunch Wk: Corner Strike Money Play for Madden 12

Earlier today we made our saturday update to our premium tips section.  The week 4 update includes 2 great passing plays, 1 effective run play, and 2 great pass defenses.  In total there are already over 20 great plays for madden 12 there and every week we add 5 more plays.  Check it out at and use the coupon code MS20OFF for 20% off your membership.

Now on to today’s free madden 12 tip…

Playbook: Arizona

Formation: Gun Bunch Wk

Play: Corner Strike


  1. Hot route your square/X receiver to a slant in
  2. Hot route your tight end to a streak route
  3. Smart route your circle/B receiver


  1. If the X/A receiver is open, throw a quick pass to him
  2. Against cover 2 defensees, look to your circle/B receiver.
  3. Against man to man coverage, your square/X receiver running the slant route will be open.

Below we are going to take a look at how this play should develop:madden 12 arizona

Above you can see that the defense has a good pass coverage play called but we are going to run the corner strike play anyway.

madden 12 arizona cardinals2

The tight end that we hot routed to a streak takes the safety coverage with him while our #1 receiver makes his cut to the corner of the endzone

madden 12 arizona 3

You can see that the defense is very late to get over and we make the catch for a touchdown!

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