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Madden 23 Nano Blitz Nickel 2-4 DBL Mug

Easy Nickel 2-4 DBL Mug Blitz Scheme

One of the most common requests we get each year is to go over a few blitzes that are very easy to set up but still relatively effective.

In today’s free Madden 23 tip we are going over a 5 man blitz out of the Nickel 2-4 DBL Mug formation that gets a free rusher in when your opponent isn’t blocking extra guys.

When calling this blitz you will want your fastest/best pass rusher on the right side of the screen as that will be usually be the free rusher.

Let’s dive in!

Easy Madden 23 Blitz Scheme from Nickel 2-4 DBL Mug

Playbook: New York Giants (And many others)

Formation: Nickel 2-4 DBL Mug

Play: LB Blitz 3


  1. User the MLB in the yellow zone and hold down LT/L2 right after the ball is snapped

Overview: Your goal is to take away your opponent’s first read over the middle which should make your opponent think just enough where he won’t have time to get the throw off.

Please keep in mind that this isn’t supposed to be some incredibly blitz. It does a good job of getting pressure when your opponent isn’t blocking extra guys. It is also incredibly easy to setup. Those are the 2 strengths.

This play can be easily beat just by blocking an extra running back. Mix this play in with more traditional coverage plays.

Let’s take a closer look at how this play works.

This is how the final play art should look on defense. You do have the freedom to change the coverage behind the blitz however you’d like.

Notice how right after the ball is snapped, the right guard and the right tackle pinch down to try to take away the rush up the middle.

This leaves our outside linebacker on the right completely free.

The right guard and the right tackle end up double teaming our defensive end while we pull our MLB off into coverage.

The outside linebacker takes a great angle on the QB.

Madden 23 Nano Blitz Nickel 2-4 DBL Mug

The play ends in a sack and a 7 yard loss.

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