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Easily Destroy Man Blitzes In Madden 23 With This RPO

In today’s free Madden 23 tip, we are going over another really easy way to beat any sort of man to man blitz scheme in Madden 23 by using a specific type of RPO play.

Check out the full breakdown below!

Attack Man Blitzes In Madden 23 With RPO Read Flat Wheel
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Playbook: Kansas City Chiefs

Formation: Gun Deuce Close

Play: RPO Read Flat Wheel

Setup: None required


  1. Your first read is the tight end on the wheel route. If he is open, throw it
  2. If he is covered, look to the tight end on the flat route who should be open most of the time

Overview: This RPO play destroys any sort of Cover 0 or Cover 1 man to man defense as long as you make your reads properly.

Pro Tip: On RPOs you will want to get the pass out as fast as possible to avoid an ineligible receiver downfield penalty.

Let’s take a closer at how this should work.

This is how the play art should look before you snap the ball.

Both safeties are in man coverage on our tight ends which means we know this play will work.

Immediately after we snap the ball, we can see that the safeties are cheating in a little to stop the run so we our tight end on the wheel route has a lot of open space.

We make the catch for about 6 yards but no defend is in a position to make a tackle.

Because we have a tight end who has good speed, we are able to beat the defenders to the end zone for a touchdown.

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  1. Last year you guys motioned that tight end to the other side should we still motion him over ?

    Also I am in the lions play book right now, is there a similar rpo?

    1. Motioning the flat tight end over is still something that works really well against both man and zone defenses but if you know for sure it is a man to man blitz and want the big play potential leave him where he is.

      Unfortunately there isn’t anything like this in the Lions playbook though

      1. does this work online cause when playing cpu its an illegal man downfield penalty everytime and i throw it immediatly.left guard goes downfield everytime

        1. You aren’t throwing it fast enough if you are getting that penalty. There is a window where you can throw it and not be penalized