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Madden 23 Franchise Mode Bugs

EA Working On Update To Address The 2 Biggest Franchise Bugs In Madden 23

EA Sports confirmed today they are aware of and working on a fix to the glitches currently haunting franchise mode in Madden 23.

The 2 biggest bugs in franchise mode are the draft revert glitch and the 31/32 user bug. When hit with these issues, it can completely ruin your franchise.

When you are hit with the draft revert glitch, your franchise basically rewinds to an earlier time wiping out the results of your draft.

Franchises who are hit with the 31/32 user bug are not allowed to have a completely full online franchise. If you are trying to run a 32 person league, this can also make your league effectively unplayable.

Both of these issues date all the way back to Madden 22.

EA stated today that “the team has a high urgency level and will use every tool for an update ASAP” and they are “prioritizing it” for their next update. That being said, we don’t yet have a date for when to expect this update.

These are their top priorities for franchise mode going forward:

  • Draft Stability issues in Franchise Mode: The Draft Stability (aka “draft revert”) issue affecting some users is being diagnosed and addressed as soon as possible.
  • 32nd user unable to join a league. This is also being diagnosed and addressed as soon as possible.
  • Resolved: Smaller percentage of disconnects around contract negotiations in Face of the Franchise.

The good news is that they are clearly aware that these are game-breaking issues and are acknowledging that publicly.

The bad news is we still don’t yet know exactly when these issues will be addressed.

Based on the frequency and timing of major title updates this year, our best guess would be to expect it around mid-November.

What other bugs/issues are happening in your Madden 23 franchise? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Running put of coach’s to sign after 5years making franchise dead

  2. I updated madden and now I can’t even turn the game on

  3. Y’all need to address the freaking gameplay. Meta blitzes and wr not being able to do the things they can in real life. This freaking game the past 3 years have been a joke. Lower the momentum shift. And the list goes on and on.

  4. The games not saving after it’s over we have to set fw like 3-5 times a week cause of that

  5. Dam it keeps erasing my rb on face of the franchise it’s really frustrating ea needs to fix that

    Is the bug finally fixed?

  7. After every season, there are no offensive coordinators to sign.

  8. Won 1st 4 straight Super Bowls
    Never hired again
    simmed out 17 yrs and gave up

  9. In franchise mode, single player against the computer and all madden retired at the end of the first overtime and we are unable to proceed. I missed a field goal which left it tied at 17 to 17 and the commanders have the ball now the 32 yard line with zero time left in the play clock is not moving. I can’t fast forward the game. I can’t use any time out since I used them all I have no other options to do except restart the game. I recorded video of this just for proof