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Madden 25 Reveal Date

EA Sports’ Madden 25 Reveal Coming June 11th

EA Sports is planning their big reveal for Madden 25 on June 11th according to a countdown timer on their official website.

On that day we’ll likely get a cover reveal, some basic game information and possibly a trailer.

This marketing this year may be a bit confusing since this is the second time a Madden football game is being called “Madden 25” with the last Madden 25 being release in 2013.

Nevertheless, we’ll get a new Madden 25 game this year. Here is a look at the countdown timer via a screenshot we took today:

If you plan on preordering College Football 25 along with Madden 25 our best recommendation is to get the MVP Bundle which gets you the deluxe (early access) version of both games for $149.99 instead of $99.99 per game.

If that is the right choice for you, you can place you pre order now. If you plan on purchasing Madden 25 individually you’ll likely need to wait until June 1th to do so.

We do however already know that the official release date for Madden 25 is August 16th with early access starting August 13th.

Unlike CFB 25 which will be released exclusively on XBOX Series X|S and PlayStation 5, Madden 25 will be available on significantly more systems including:

  • XBOX Series X|S
  • PlayStation 5
  • XBOX One
  • PlayStation 4
  • PC

Make sure to check back in for more Madden 25 news as June 11th gets closer!

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