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Madden NFL 18 Challenge

EA Madden NFL 18 Challenge To Air On The CW Network

EA Sports, the CW, and the NFL are all teaming up to air the new eSports series, “EA Madden NFL 18 Challenge.” The show premieres on December 27, 2017 at 8:00 ET, and it follows the journey of eight competitive Madden gamers as they vie for the $150,000 prize and the coveted Madden Championship Belt.

The new series will follow some of the biggest names in competitive Madden as they attempt to claim the title. Shay “Young Kiv” Kivien, Michael “Prodigy” Scott, Drini Gjoka, Lavar “Hollywood” Gayle and Chris “Dubby” McFarland are just a few of the big names who will be taking part in this particular tournament. The show begins taping this weekend, December 15-16, and will premiere on the aforementioned December 27 date. CW’s new series takes viewers behind the scenes of the Madden NFL 18 Challenge, which is part of the Madden Championship Series, with the goal of broadening their reach and expanding their audience.

Christopher Halpin, Chief Strategy Officer of the NFL, is excited about the potential to reach a new generation of sports viewers. “Madden NFL continues to be an incredible platform for the League to reach and engage with our younger fan base, and The CW’s vibrant audience is a perfect match,” Halpin said in the press release.

The CW network is no stranger to airing gaming competitions as this will be their 4th eSports special. “We are thrilled to partner with EA and Madden NFL, one of the most well-known games in the world, for The CW’s final eSports event of 2017,” said Rick Haskins, EVP of Marketing and Digital Programs, The CW.

Madden NFL is an iconic franchise, with millions of dedicated fans, and we’re excited to bring our viewers behind the scenes and up close to see some of the best Madden NFL players in the country compete for the title,” Haskins added.

The CW’s press release was posted yesterday, December 12, and the news comes just after Madden’s most recent title update was made available for download. The new feature Audibles on the Fly will undoubtedly change the strategy of some competitors, and the way the participants utilize the game’s new aspect should definitely come into play during this competition. One of the goals of this series is to highlight the players themselves, the way they employ their strategies, and the highs and lows associated with a high stakes, competitive gaming tournament such as this one.

EA’s Competitive Gaming Division Senior Vice President and GM Todd Sitrin is excited for the participants and the exposure they’ll receive as a result of this show. “The partnership with The CW and airing of the “EA MADDEN NFL 18 CHALLENGE” special marks a major step forward, not only in broadening the fanbase for competitive Madden NFL, but also in highlighting our players – the real stars,” Sitrin said.

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