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A Challenging Franchise Rebuild for Madden 18

New York Jets

Madden’s franchise mode is one of the more in-depth game modes that it has to offer. You will be able to take complete control over a team and bring them to the championship (hopefully). While some NFL teams are closer than others, the New York Jets tend to be farther away.

Their depleted roster has some bright spots but for the most part, they have a long way to go. This may in fact make it to be a challenging and fun ride for some users who really will have the ability to go many different routes. Something that will be valuable to the controller will be draft picks and cap space. Those are essential for building a contender in Madden.

What they have:

The depth chart does not currently have a lot of talent but one area they are strong at is the defensive line. They currently have Leonard Williams, Sheldon Richardson and Muhammed Wilkerson. All have shown the ability to play at an elite level and they are also all very young.

In the 2017 NFL draft, the Jets selected S Jamal Adams out of LSU in the first round. Adams was a highly sought after player and performed at a high level in college. He is predicted to come into this league and be a potentially dominant player for a long time. He is a nice foundational piece that the Jets will have in the upcoming Madden.

What they need:

I’m not even sure where to start on this one. First and foremost, they need their quarterback of the future. Right now the roster consists of Josh McCown, Bryce Petty, Christian Hackenberg and Dane Evans. That should probably be one of the immediate upgrades to any user who takes over this roster. You have to be able to move the chains and score.

Next, they need tremendous help at the wide receiver position. They need youth and more talent after losing an aging Brandon Marshall to the Giants. Their current starters are Eric Decker, Quincy Enunwa and after that it is up to some competition in training camp. This is an area that will need some severe rebuilding as they are not getting any younger.

One thing that is important in the real world and in Madden is the offensive line, you need to be able to keep your quarterback healthy. Just looking at their depth chart, you can tell that it will need to be looked at quite soon. It is important in Madden to be able to keep your QB off the ground and give him more time to throw to his target.

Also, the running back position will need to be looked at closely too. Their current depth chart has an aging Matt Forte and Bilal Powell. I think you could get one decent season out of them before targeting someone in the draft or free agency.

The Jets need to address the cornerback position as well. Revis is long gone and they recently signed Morris Claiborne from the Dallas Cowboys who has had an up and down career. But after that, is not much. Marcus Williams is a bright young spot who has the potential to turn into a viable starter but we will see. More talent needs to be added.

To recap, the Jets are most likely the most challenging rebuild in Madden 18 franchise mode. They have plenty of holes on the offensive and defensive side of the ball but most importantly they do not have a quarterback on the roster. You may have to look towards free agency to get a “bridge” quarterback until you can land a young stud in the draft. This rebuild will most likely take a couple of seasons and a lot of time and effort. It will be impressive to bring them back to contention.

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6 years ago

for some reason and i dont know why i have tried to rebuild the miami dolphins i only kept a few players on the team signed a bunch of garbage players to insure a losing season …
i go 0-16 i draft well and i have nobody on the team under 70 after the draft so i realize i have a young team but littered with talent as well but i can sim into 4 seasons and i will only win maybe 2 games ( 2-62 ) WTF…lol
how am i going to rebuild a team that cant win and seems like it will never win ?
i build through the draft stockpile picks and trade for young talented players .. ive tried using a created coach and gase same result…losing seasons
i get j. brissett he is the starting QB for me for 3 seasons let him go and he wins the SB with the chargers and the league MVP
yet for me he cant win 3 games in 4 years…
not getting good XP on any player
i see the rebuild you tubers and unless im missing something they win quickly so im lost…lol
any advice would be greatly appreciated