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What The Block Shedding And Power Moves Ratings Actually Do

madden 25 block shedding

Over the last few years it has been hard to decide which attributes to upgrade in connected franchise mode due to the simple fact that we were never told exactly what they did.  We always have had a general idea but up until this year we haven’t received any word directly from EA Sports.

This year they have released what a few individual ratings do for each position in Madden 25.  Today we will go over 2 attributes important for defensive lineman: Block Shedding and Power Moves.

What Block Shedding Effects in Madden 25:

  • Determines the suddenness of engaged moves and combines with player strength.
  • Determines win/loss-chance of cut blocks in combination with physical ratings.
  • Determines the success of run-block double teams.
  • Determines a defender’s skill when rushing the passer without engaging a blocker.

What Power Moves Effect in Madden 25:

  • Determines win/loss/super-loss on power-move attempts, used vs. Pass Block rating
  • Determines defender’s skill in executing power moves.
  • Determines frequency and success of each move type (AI), used against finesse move rating
  • Determines how long it takes a defender to use a power move and disengage from a blocker
  • Determines chance of success of impact block vs. pass rusher (impact block = both players are running). Used with the Finesse Move Rating vs. Pass Block Rating

Some of these descriptions are still a little vague, but at least we now have some information which is a giant step forward from last year.

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