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Another Madden 23 Money Play From Gun Doubles

In today’s free Madden 23 tip, we are going over an excellent play that you can incorporate into our Gun Doubles scheme from our first offensive ebook if you are able to use a custom playbook.

This play has multiple routes that beat every coverage in the game.

Check out the full breakdown below!

Crazy Effective Madden 23 Money Play From Gun Doubles
Madden 23 strategy guides

Playbook: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Formation: Gun Doubles

Play: PA Read


  1. Hot route your Y/triangle receiver to a whip route
  2. Hot route your tight end to a streak route (or a corner, or a deep out)
  3. Hot route your running back to an out route to the right


  1. Your first read on this play is always the left side of the screen between the whip route and the X/square receiver
  2. Then look to the B/circle receiver deep
  3. And your last reads are your tight end or your running back

Overview: This play gets multiple people open against every coverage in the game. Don’t be afraid to take the whip route every time if your opponent refuses to manually cover it.

Let’s take a closer look at how this play works!

This is one example of how the final play are should look before we snap the ball.

We can see right away our X/square receiver beats his guy in man press coverage.

We are able to make the catch with plenty of room to run.

If our opponent decided to user cover that X/square receivers’ route we also have the Y/triangle receiver on the whip route in the flat.

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1 year ago

how do you put the TE in a deep out route?