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Madden 21 man swap

Absolutely Destroy Man To Man Coverage In Madden 21

We’ve officially cancelled man coverage in Madden 21. In this video tip, we are going over in more detail how to cause your opponent’s defenders in man to man defense to cover the wrong guy.

Using this technique, we can get a receiver open against every man to man coverage in the game!

Check out the full breakdown below.

Destroy Man Coverage In Madden 21 With The Man Switch Technique

Playbook: Pittsburgh Steelers (And Many Others)

Formation: I Form Tight

Play: PA Y-Seam


  1. (Optional) You can hot route whoever you’d like and/or cancel the play action
  2. Motion your B/circle receiver to the left about 2-3 steps and snap it


  1. Your primary read on this play is the B/circle receiver against man to man coverage wide open.

Overview: This play is designed to absolutely torch man to man coverage in Madden 21. Only call it if you are pretty sure your opponent is in some sort of man defense.

This technique isn’t specific to this play and can be done in some other formations as well.

Let’s take a closer look at how this play works!

This is our recommended pre-play setup.

Notice we have to motion the wide receiver on the right to the left a few steps before we snap it.

You can see the cornerback who is supposed to be in man coverage running away from our wide receiver.

We make the catch with no one around us.

And we walk into the endzone for an easy touchdown.

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3 years ago

Typical madden bs. Requiring a patch before the game is released.

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