Gamers looking to take their skills to the next level always come to us and ask what separates “Pro” Madden players from simply good Madden players. Most people assume it is a magical nano blitz or some sort of unstoppable money play. However, the reality is that those things are vastly overrated. We put together our list of the 4 qualities that truly separate the great from the good.

Clock Management – The best Madden gamers will always score at the end of each half. This gives you 2 more possessions with the ball than your opponent will get. When you consider that many Madden 16 games only have about 8 total possessions, those 2 extra possessions come in very handy. If you forget about the game clock and simply think of the game in terms of possessions, in an average game you will have 5 chances to score while your opponent will only have 3 chances. Obviously that is a huge advantage.


Patience – This quality goes along with clock management but expands it a little further. It takes patience to score at the end of each half instead of as soon as you possibly can. It also takes patience to continue to stick with something even if it isn’t working immediately. The downfall of many potentially great players in Madden 16 is becoming one dimensional. If something doesn’t work for you early on, come back to it later in the game instead of just scrapping it from your gameplan immediately.

Practice – This doesn’t mean practice in a general way. The best Madden gamers practice in very specific ways. So many people come to our Madden forum asking why they aren’t seeing results after they spend hours practicing.  The answer is simply that they are practicing the wrong way. Don’t just call random plays in practice. Choose 1 play and test it against all kinds of defenses. Don’t stop until you know your reads against every defense . This may sound insane but a lot of the best players can run passing plays with their eyes closed. Getting the timing down for each play is essential.

Save Your Best Plays For Last – Even the worst and most inexperienced Madden players have money plays. What separates the “Pro” Madden gamers from the rest is their ability to keep those money plays in their back pocket all game until they absolutely need them. When the game is on the line you can whip out a completely unique play and catch your opponent off guard.