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3 Worst Teams to Use in Madden 18

The waters in the NFL are changing and teams are beginning to change their course. For example, the Titans finally have a solid foundation, the Raiders are back and the Cowboys are elite. This hasn’t been the case in a long time. Although some things are changing and teams are on their way up, there are some rosters that are not all there yet.

When evaluating good rosters to use in the Madden franchise mode, you have to think of the cornerstone pieces. The quarterback, defensive end and cornerbacks are important to build a good foundation. Those skill sets can help set up a team to be good for a long time and it seems as if quarterbacks are a needle in a haystack these days.

While the tides may be turning in some areas, it is no surprise that a few teams will need more work than others. I am going to argue that some teams are not quite there yet. Although some users love the challenge of a good rebuild, others may not. These rosters are some of the lower tier NFL teams and will not be an exciting franchise to play with. They will need more work.

3. Los Angeles Rams

Yes, the Rams will be a good rebuild option for users that would like to go that route. On the other hand, they will not be exciting for a user to play with in Madden. Their roster next year will most likely not be that good. There are huge question marks surrounding QB Jared Goff and even RB Todd Gurley.

Goff underperformed his rookie season after he was the first overall pick overall in 2016 and Todd Gurley as we all know, took a huge step back. That does not mean they are bad players it means that they need time to develop. Besides those two, the offense isn’t all the exciting. They lost their top WR in Kenny Britt to the Browns in free agency. They have a lackluster offensive line, mediocre WR core and all around a bland offensive unit.

On the defensive side of the ball, they do have the beast of Aaron Donald and some other solid prospects that make it interesting. The defense is more well rounded than the offense but are not all the way there yet.

The Rams make for a very fun rebuild but will not be an exciting team to use in Franchise for Madden 18. There are too many holes and questions surrounding the team but they do have some foundational pieces that could groom into a valuable team down the road, just not right now.

2. San Fransisco 49ers

The 49ers are not going to be a fun team to use – there, I said it. Their quarterback is Brian Hoyer, their running back is an injury prone Carlos Hyde and their best wideout option is a 30-year old Pierre Garçon. That builds for a tough unit to use on the offense. One that won’t be able to make the big plays or even move the chains easily.

Their defense is pretty stripped down as well. They have added some young talent with DeForest Buckner, Soloman Thomas and Reuben Foster to name a few.

The 49ers are a prime team for a fun rebuild option but won’t be exciting to use right away in Madden 18. They have recently had some solid drafts but are still in the process for a long road and aren’t all that fun to play with. Look for them to potentially be good in a couple of years.

1. New York Jets

The Jets in real life are in the process of a full blown rebuild.  Their quarterback right now is Josh McCown, their running back is an aging Matt Forte and if Decker is gone, their primary wideout will be Quincy Enunwa. That doesn’t sound like a fun team to me.

The defense is a little bit better in terms of talent but still are not all there yet. Their line consists of Leonard Williams, Sheldon Richardson and Muhammed Wilkerson, which makes a nice young nucleus. But there is not that much from there.

To their credit, they added the stud from LSU in Jamal Adams to come in and help their secondary but not all of the pieces are there yet. The Jets are one of the more challenging rebuilds in the league but in terms of bringing that exciting presence come release day, they are not one of those teams. The roster is pretty thin and does not figure to be a dominant team in Madden 18.

I want to reiterate that all three of these teams are solid rebuild options if you are up to a challenge but right away, they will not stick out. These teams have plenty of holes and lack the efficiency to contend with right away in Madden 18. My point is, these teams will require substantial work and time in order to bring them back to the Super Bowl.

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Trevor Skipper
Trevor Skipper
7 years ago

Not Cleveland? *mindblown*

6 years ago

i hate the browns