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3 Players To Target in a Madden 18 Fantasy Draft

With Madden 18 set to release August 25th, it’s the perfect time to start doing some research. The rankings have recently been released and they are all on Madden School and this will be important for you when making decisions. When entering franchise mode, a lot of users enjoy the feature of setting it to a fantasy draft. This allows them to hopefully get some of their favorite players from other teams and really have full control over their own team. They can draft however they feel will benefit from their style of play.

It’s a great feature and here are the three players that I will be targeting early in franchise drafts.

Click here for player ratings from all teams.

3. Aaron Donald, DT, 99 OVR

Some of you may be wondering why Donald isn’t first overall and simply put – Age. The destructive force entered the league in 2014 and is now 26 years old. I understand that is very young and you will get a lot of use out him but he will be up for a new heavy contract soon and yes, even in Madden.

In Madden 18’s initial rankings, Donald is off the charts in freakish ability. He will have 94 strength, 96 power moves, 91 block shedding and 88 pursuit. These figures make him that 99 overall and will give him the ability to punish quarterbacks and stuff the run. Donald is someone you could certainly build your franchise around but make sure to figure in his massive contract that will have to come quite soon.

2. Myles Garrett, DE, 83 OVR

Mr. #1 overall pick, Myles Garrett, is someone I would happily draft early. Why? He will be cheap for a couple of years and will most likely have the superstar development tag. This allows him to progress faster and get towards that higher overall. He is the highest rated rookie to come into Madden 18 and there is a reason for it.

Garrett comes with 96 strength, 83 agility, 86 power moves and 86 block shedding. These are some really good initial ratings to help get your team a solid building block to help you establish that dynasty. I encourage you to target him early because he is a foundational piece that will only get better. Even being an 83 overall to start, he can still be a force. He will grow and remain cheap until he plays for that bigger contract.

1. John Ross, WR, 77 OVR

As most of you know, John Ross broke the 40-yard dash record at the combine when he ran it in 4.22 seconds. He beat out the previous owner, Chris Johnson, and his rating in Madden 18 reflected that. Ross will come into the game with a 98-speed rating and that is actually the highest in the entire game. It’s pretty impressive, to say the least.

Everyone that plays Madden, know’s that speed kills. Whether it is at the WR or RB position, Speed adds a very valuable dimension. Ross will be able to do a lot of things with that. Speed can stretch the field and he could also be valuable returning punts or kicks. Other intriguing¬†ratings are his 96 acceleration, 93 ¬†agility, 83 catching and 93 juke move.

Ross is someone I am targeting because I really think that he will help my overall team and bring an insane speed dynamic that will give me an edge against opponents. I don’t think I would draft him in the first round or even second but I would target him early and might rank him a little higher than some established older receivers.

I wanted to also point out that this is not a rankings list of the “Top 3” players I would target but just a list of three guys that I would have on my radar heading into a Madden draft. I think they are foundational pieces and will bring you a skill level that would be hard to replace. Again, everyone’s play style is a little different and these three players would work for mine.

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Matt Shull
Matt Shull
6 years ago

I’ll be the first to say I love your app/website. You get great Info out early that’s is extremely helpful for planning my league.

With all that being said this article should never be published. Who to draft:

– the young 99 overall dtackle.

– the generational type talent rookie who is already am 83 with godly stats.

– the fastest player In the game.

We know.

I’ll help you because I appreciate your effort.

-Vic Beasley Jr. His 83 overall is low but his pass rushing skills are superb, great mid round young DE.

Christian Kirksey – low overall for a MLB but has done great tools for specific schemes, great tackling, just athletic.

Dak Prescott- this is a no brainer no .1 pick, for some reason Madden loves him, 93 throw power, all high and low 80 accuracy, low 80’s speed throw on the run and PA pass. 2nd year cheap QB.

Madden School
6 years ago
Reply to  Matt Shull

That’s a fair comment and great feedback. Thanks for the feedback!

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