RB Apprentice

When lined up at running back, players with this ability have access to four additional hot routes during pre-play adjustments.

What's Needed For This Ability In MUT

Training Cost: 1250

Position: Halfback

Archetype: Elusive

Requirements: 95+ Overall & 95+ AWR

Ability Point Cost: 2

Archetype: Receiving

Requirements: 85+ Overall

Ability Point Cost: 2

Archetype: Power

Requirements: 99 Overall & 95 AWR

Ability Point Cost: 2

Position: Fullback

Archetype: Blocking

Requirements: 85+ Overall & 90 JKM

Ability Point Cost: 3

Archetype: Utility

Requirements: 80+ Overall + 88 JKM

Ability Point Cost: 2

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