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Best Offensive Playbooks In Madden 23

5 Best Offensive Playbooks in Madden 23

One of the most overlooked aspects of every Madden game is choosing the right playbook. It isn’t just as easy as 1 playbook being better than all of the rest. You have to match the right playbook to your team personnel as well as your personal playing style.

At Madden School, we have 2 huge differentiators that allow us to properly rate the best playbooks in all of Madden 23.

First, we’ve been developing schemes, ebooks, and money plays for the past 15 years (all the way back to the original XBOX/PS2 days). We know which formations/plays work and which don’t.

Second, we publish the Madden 23 playbooks database every year which gives us unique insight into which playbooks gamers are using.

When you add together our expertise with the wisdom of the entire Madden community, the end result is a list of playbooks that you really can’t go wrong using.

We’ll first start with the 5 offensive playbooks that we recommend you use in Madden 23 but stick around to the end of the article where we’ll go over the top 10 most popular offensive playbooks in the Madden community.

Note: If you are more interested in the best Madden 23 defensive playbooks you can check those out here.

The 5 Best Offensive Playbooks In Madden 23

Detroit Lions Offensive Playbook

The Detroit Lions offensive playbook has some of the most popular formations and plays in Madden 23. It is more of a passing playbook but it still has a nice mixture of runs in it to keep your opponent honest.

This playbook works perfectly with 11 personnel (3 WRs, 1 RB, 1 TE) which will allow you to audible between the best formations in the Lions’ playbooks.

Some of the best formations in the Madden 23 Detroit Lions offensive playbook include:

You can develop really nice schemes from any of the formations listed above. This allows you to really keep your opponent guessing all game.

New Orleans Saints Offensive Playbook

The New Orleans Saints offensive playbook is a fan favorite every year and Madden 23 is no different. The main reason you choose the Saints playbook is because of the Gun Tight Offset TE formation.

The Gun Tight Offset TE formation may be the most used formation this year at the highest levels of competitive Madden.

It has man beaters, zone beaters, and some great runs too. By default this formation puts 3 WRs, 1 TE, and 1 RB on the field. If you have the proper personnel for it, we recommend using the WR1 package with this formation substitute in an extra wide receiver for the tight end which results in 4 WRs and 1 RB on the field instead.

The rest of the playbook has a nice mix between effective running plays and effective passing plays.

Some of the best formations in the Madden 23 New Orleans Saints offensive playbook include:

The Gun Stack Y-Flex has some really good ways of destroy man press coverage and the Cover 0 blitz meta in Madden 23.

Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Playbook

The Chiefs playbook is one of the most unique in all of Madden 23. You have access to plenty of deep downfield shots, a lot of different RPO plays, and some really nice run plays.

If your team/scheme requires 2 WRs, 2 TEs, and 1 RB this is our recommended playbook for you.

We recommend audibling between the Pistol Wing Flex Close, and Gun Deuce Close formations to really drive your opponent crazy.

Some of the best formations in the Madden 23 Kansas City Chiefs offensive playbook include:

If you have a mobile quarterback, 2 good tight ends, and an elite running back you should definitely give the Chiefs playbook a try.

Los Angeles Rams/Minnesota Vikings Offensive Playbook

These playbooks are perfect for gamers who prefer to run their offense from under center. The Rams and Vikings playbooks in Madden 23 are completely identical so you can’t go wrong with either one of them.

These playbooks completely ignore fullbacks with no I Form, Strong, or Weak formations. You only have access to Singleback and Shotgun formations but these formations have much more depth than other playbooks.

There are a ton of compressed sets with play action passes in them so it is important to establish the running game in these playbooks.

Some of the best formations in the Madden 23 Los Angeles Rams playbook and Minnesota Vikings playbook include:

Some people will love this type of playbook, some will hate it but give it a try for yourself.

Did you know, we have Madden 23 ebooks for each of our top 4 recommended offensive playbooks? Get instant access to all of them by joining Madden School Unlimited today!

Spread (Pass Balanced) Playbook

Let’s get this out of the way first. The Spread playbook is called “Pass Balanced” in Ultimate Team. In all other game modes it is called “Spread.”

This is an alternate playbook which means many of the plays in this playbook are not available if you are looking to create a custom playbook. That is a huge downside.

That being said, there are lots of benefits to using this playbook. The Spread playbook has more unique plays than any other playbook in Madden 23.

That means that there is a good chance your opponent will never have seen an offense like the one you are running.

You also have access to 33 shotgun formations. This gives you a lot of different options on offense but it can be a bit overwhelming to newer players.

If you like to sit in shotgun formations all game and spread the defense out, this is definitely a playbook to take into practice mode to try out for yourself.

Some of the best formations in the Madden 23 Spread playbook include:

The Spread playbook is perfect for passers but if you prefer to pound the football up the middle you’ll want to find a different playbook.

Top 10 Most Popular Playbooks In Madden 23

Now that we’ve given you our recommendations for which playbooks to use, it is time to give the community recommendations.

Th community has used our Madden 23 playbook tool over 2 million times in the first month alone. These are the most searched for offensive playbooks:

  1. Detroit Lions Playbook
  2. Baltimore Ravens Playbook
  3. New Orleans Saints Playbook
  4. Kansas City Chiefs Playbook
  5. Arizona Cardinals Playbook
  6. New England Patriots Playbook
  7. Spread Playbook
  8. San Francisco 49ers Playbook
  9. Buffalo Bills Playbook
  10. Las Vegas Raiders Playbook

You really can’t go wrong with any of these playbooks. Take the time to browse each of these playbooks on our website and go into practice mode with the ones that you like best.

To dive a little further into the data, here are the 5 most popular offensive formations in Madden 23:

Shockingly the most popular formation of the past few years, Gun Bunch, came in as the 6th most popular formation in Madden 23 so far.

What offensive playbooks do you like best in Madden 23? Let us know in the comments section!

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