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Strategies and Plays To Beat Cover 2 Man Defense in Madden NFL

Cover 2 Man (also referred to as 2 Man Under) is one of the most frustrating defenses in Madden 15.  It is the go to defense of just about everyone who likes to play man coverage online.

It is a really simple defense with 5 guys matched up in man to man coverage and the 2 safeties in deep zones.  It sounds easy enough to beat especially if you know it is coming, but a lot of people struggle with it.

This little Madden tutorial will get you on the right track if you are struggling.

Let’s start with a way that you can consistently beat any sort of man to man defense.  This concept has been money for years now and it will likely work the same way in future Madden games like Madden 16.

It is called Close Under and is found in the Singleback Tight Doubles formation.  It actually beats most zones too but for now we are just focusing on beating Cover 2 man defenses.

Madden 15: Singleback Tight Doubles - Close Under

Another way to beat man to man defense is by using wheel routes.  You will want to make sure that whoever is running the wheel route (slot receiver, running back) is matched up against a linebacker.

You’ll see in the video below that we struggle a little bit to complete the pass at first but our running back is always wide open.

Madden 15 Guide: Using Wheel Routes Against Man to Man Defense

Here is another video of how to use wheel routes a little bit differently for a similar result.  This time we are going over how to do it with a slot receiver.

The play is in the Gun Tight Flex formation and is called Falcon Wheel.

Madden 15 Man Beater Guide: Gun Tight Flex - Falcon Wheel

Here is another one of those versatile plays that actually beats a lot of different defenses but our focus here is on the Cover 2 Man defense.

It is great when you have these plays that can beat various coverages because you won’t always know what defense your opponent is coming out in.

The play is called Snugs Flip – Z Option and Yoda goes over it in detail here.

Madden NFL 15 Money Play: Singleback Snugs Flip - Z Option

You can use these ideas and find plays that are like the ones we go over in our Madden tip videos.  There are a lot of different plays in Madden NFL that use the same concept so you can expand and put your own twist on these plays.

You’ll need to continually mix the plays up so your opponent doesn’t know the play you are calling but now you have something to build on.

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