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Reviewing Some Of Our Popular Madden 15 Videos

It has been a long time since Madden 15 was first released.  It is a good time to look back at some of our most viewed videos of Madden 15 tips in case you missed them when they first came out 7 months ago.

One question we always get is how to stop the run.  Regardless of whether it is Madden 25, Madden 15, or the upcoming Madden 16, people always struggle with it.  We put up one of the best run stoppers in Madden 15 up back in September.  Let’s revisit it in this post.

Madden 15 Run Stopper Defense: 46 Bear Cover 3 Drop

Let’s also go over how to correctly run a counter out of the shotgun in Madden 15.  The play here is called Counter Y.  Remember, you will want a speedy running back in the game and a good offensive line in order to ensure success with this.

Madden 15 Running Tips: Gun DBLS Flex Wing Wk - Counter Y

One of the most popular blitzes we went over in Madden 15 was the 3-4 Solid Sting Pinch concept.  We discussed it with zone defense behind it as well as with man to man defense.  Let’s take a moment to look back at how to run that play.

Madden 15 Pressure Defense: 3-4 Solid Sting Pinch

The last play we are going to review today is one of the first tips we made for Madden 15 but the play is still incredibly effective.  It is found in the Green Bay Packers playbook.  Let’s look at it.

Madden 15 Money Play: Singleback Tight Flex - PA Waggle

If you are still playing Madden 15, hopefully these tips are a welcome refresher and you can add them into your scheme.  If not, try these concepts when Madden 16 comes out.  Often times, they will continue to work.

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