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Further information about the free Madden School app can be found here.

Madden School Pro Tips App Availability

The Madden School Pro Tips app is available in the App Store and Google Play.

What Is This App All About And Why Do I Want It?

The Madden School Pro Tips App organizes the best Madden tips into one easy to understand app.  The app consists of 5 sections: Offense, Defense, News, Playbooks, and Unlimited.

If you are looking for money plays and offensive tips, go to the offense tab. If you need help with run stoppers, nano blitzes, and coverages, go to the defense tab.  If you are looking for the latest Madden roster updates, tournaments, or any other information, go to the news tab and if you want videos of all the playbooks in Madden 20, go to the playbooks tab.

Madden School Unlimited is for our subscribers only.




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  1. I’m thinking about purchasing this app, however I want to make sure the same strategy applies to Madden Mobile 20

    1. Hi, no unfortunately they only apply to Madden on XBOX One, PS4, and PC