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Madden NFL Nano Blitzes and Pressure Defenses

No one likes playing defense in Madden but it is one of the keys to winning whether you are playing Ultimate Team, Ranked, or Offline.  The best Madden players in the world are usually just the best at playing defense.

Defense is also one of the most boring things to practice and get good at.  Lucky for you, we have compiled a few of our favorite pressure plays and blitzes that you can use to get more sacks.

Let’s start with a fairly simple non-glitchy blitz that we can use to bring pressure.  It is found in the Nickel 2-4-5 formation and is called Sugar 3 Seam.  You can see the full written setup here.

Madden 15 Effective Blitz: Nickel 2-4-5 - Sugar 3 Seam

Another very effective nano blitz with decent coverage behind it is in the 3-4 Solid formation and called Cover 3 Sky.

Solid pressure with a Cover 3 look behind it.

Madden 15 Nano Blitz: 3-4 Solid Cover 3 Sky

We also have a man to man version of the Cover 3 Sky blitz that we use when we want to mix it up a little bit and so our opponent doesn’t get too comfortable.

That play is called Sting Pinch and it is still in the 3-4 Solid formation.

Madden 15 Pressure Defense: 3-4 Solid Sting Pinch

Another way to bring pressure when you know your opponent is passing is via the Dime 1-4-6 formation.  This is a play Yoda found called Spinner Dog 3 that only sends 4 or 5 guys but sometimes gets an A-gap nano animation with a defender screaming through the middle of the offensive line untouched.

Madden NFL 15 Defense: Dime 1-4-6 - Spinner Dog 3

Let’s also go over some edge heat out of the 3-4 Bear formation that is really hard to pick up.  It is a pretty versatile play that you can change up to fit your needs.

The play is called Pinch Dog 3.  You may need to read the full play breakdown to understand what your options are with this play.

Madden 15 Defense: 3-4 Bear Mini Scheme

These are just a few of the nano blitzes we went over in Madden 15.  You can search around for some more but this should get you started with some basics.

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