Madden 25 Nano Blitzes

madden 25 nano blitz

Nano blitzes will be a huge part of Madden 25.  As much as everyone would like for nano blitzes to fade away, they will never completely be removed from the game.  It is important for every game to know a few nano blitzes even if only to just know what your opponent may come at you with.

A nano blitz is exactly what it sounds like.  It is a blitz that, in theory, gets to the quarterback in a nano second.  That usually also means that a defender will come in untouched through the A-gap (between an offensive guard and the center).  This can sometimes be a linebacker, safety, defensive end, or defensive tackle.

Most experienced gamers will want to have a player with a high speed rating come in free because he will be able to get to the quarterback in the least amount of time.

The offensive line play has been tuned up more so than ever in Madden 25 which will make having a few effective nano blitzes in your arsenal even more important than ever.  Within the first week of the games release on the PlayStation 3, XBOX 360, PlayStation 4, and XBOX One, we will have a few of our favorite nano blitzes posted on our homepage for free.  We encourage all of our users to find defensive schemes that work for them based on their play style and personnel.