Madden 25 Glitches

madden 25 glitches

The unfortunate truth is that glitches are in every video game out there.  Madden 25 is no different and will have its fair share of glitches in it.  Of course since Madden 25 has yet to be released, we don’t know exactly what crazy glitches will be in the game.

As we remind our users every year around this time, we do not support the use of glitching in any Madden game.  It takes the fun out of the game and it turns a game that is usually based in skill and strategy into a result that is based purely on what glitches you know.

With that being said though, we generally will share any glitches that are brought to our attention.  We do this so that you are aware when someone is glitching you.  If you know what your opponent is doing, there are generally ways to stop or counter that glitch.  We also do this so that the development team at EA Sports knows that a glitch exists.  If only a handful of people know how to do the glitch, it usually will never get fixed.

Over the last few years, popular glitches like the D/C glitch among others have been toned down or completely removed from the game.  Lets hope that Madden NFL 25 is a year than even more glitches are taken away.