As a free service to our passionate community, we are posting every Madden 18 playbook so you can view your favorite playbooks even when you are away from your XBOX One or PlayStation 4.

The complete Run N Gun, Run And Shoot, Run Balanced, Run Heavy, Spread, and West Coast playbooks for Madden 18 can be seen below. The videos scroll through every formation and every play in the playbooks. Feel free to start and stop the video if you want to spend more time looking at a specific play or formation.

The videos go in the order the formations are found in. That usually is in the following order: Singleback, I-Form, Strong, Weak, Pistol, Shotgun, Wildcat, Goalline. You can click forward or backward in the videos depending on which Madden NFL 18 formations you are most interested in.

View All of The Madden 18 Playbooks

Madden 18 Run N Gun Playbook

Madden 18 Run And Shoot Playbook

Madden 18 Run Balanced Playbook

Madden 18 Run Heavy Playbook

Madden 18 Spread Playbook

Madden 18 West Coast Playbook

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  • I have at least 150 plays missing from my custom playbooks and very upset bout it. spend whole play clock looking or missing plays…, hey wont even show up in practice mode. Every once in awhile I’m also getting a glitch where a few of my favorite selected plays I cant find in custom playbook will appear in the run section, then all my run options disappear. Never experienced this before and making it very difficult. and then another dumb ting: 5 WR set isn’t even 5WR, it 4WR and 1TE. Should have the option to import previous custom playbooks from earlier Maddens.

  • Hello! I like to create custom playbooks. In Madden 17 i liked to use Run Balanced or Run Heavy as base. Where in Madden 18 can they be found? When i want to create a custom playbook i have to choose one of the team-playbooks. But using them isn’t comfortable because they’re are totally loaded (normaly around 450-480 Plays).

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