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Madden 16 Miami Dolphins Playbook

The full Miami Dolphins offensive playbook for Madden 16 can be found below.  The video scrolls through every formation and every play in the playbook.  You can pause the video if you want to spend more time looking at a specific play or formation.

The video goes in the order the formations are found in.   That usually goes Singleback, I-Form, Strong, Weak, Pistol, Shotgun, Wildcat, Goalline.  So you can click forward or backward in the video depending on which ones you are most interested in.

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  1. Miami Dolphins playbook doesn’t have an I , Strong or Weak formation this year??

  2. What a stupid website!

    I can flip through the damned playbooks myself. I don’t need a video.

    What is need is a freaking list! Maybe with a handful of suggestions or highlighting plays that you like.

    1. We do have plenty of suggestions of plays we like. Thanks for stopping by.