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Dominant Running Plays in Madden NFL

The key to success in Madden is minimizing mistakes.  When you keep the ball on the ground, you are much less likely to turn the ball over.  Sure you can fumble it every now and then but most people throw 5 times more interceptions than fumbles lost.

However, none of this works if your running plays get you only 1 or 2 yards at a time.  You need 3-5 yards per run to really make it all work.

We are going over some of our favorite run plays in Madden 15. These are the first run plays you should try in Madden 16.

The first play is one of my favorite runs in Madden history.  It is simple, yet effective.  Good but not game changing.  It is the HB Dive play out of the Gun Doubles Flex Wing formation.  It is found in one of our free Madden Schemes.

Another really good running formation is Gun Trey Open Offset.  The plays which we go over are Wide Trap, Inside Zone, and Counter.

The beauty of this mini running scheme is that we have a run to the left, a run to the right, and a run up the middle and our opponent will never know which one we are calling.

Madden NFL 15 Shotgun Running Scheme

The next running play worth discussing is called Counter Y.  This particular play is found in the Gun DBLs Flex Wing Wk formation but most plays called Counter Y are pretty effective regardless of what formation they are found in.

You will want to only use this play if you have a decently fast running back.

Madden 15 Running Tips: Gun DBLS Flex Wing Wk - Counter Y

We went over 5 very effective running plays in the 3 videos.  You really don’t need more than 5-10 running plays in Madden so just add a few other plays in that you like and you will be ready to establish your running game.

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