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Antonio Cromartie
Written by Madden School
There are teams in the NFL that are nearly impossible to pass against. Those teams are lucky enough to have excellent corners, very talented linebackers, and maybe even a pro bowl safety or two. Here are my projected top 3 pass defense teams in the 2010 NFL season.


1. New York Jets – This is the obvious choice here, with everyone returning from last years number 1 rated team, why would they start to drop off? The Jets gave up a measly 153.7 passing yards per game last year. Expect that number to go down even farther because of their trade for Antonio Cromartie, who is just another shutdown corner playing with the best corner in the game, Darrelle Revis. Another reason is their RFA pick up of Jason Taylor, who can contribute with his explosive pass rush on third downs, creating even less time for the opposing QBs to throw the ball and pick up big chunks of yardage. Darrelle Revis had his breakout year last season and has the confidence plus the skills to shut down any wide receiver in the game of football. Along with the pick up of Kyle Wilson, who could move to the safety position and play beside Jim Leonhard. The Jets secondary is the best in the game with young talent, and they can only get even better this year.

2. Buffalo Bills – The Bills are also loaded with young talent. The most explosive player on this team last year was Jairus Byrd, he exploded right out of college and was tied for the league lead in interceptions. Along with veteran corners such as Terrence McGee and Drayton Florence, the Bills also have Leodis McKelvin, who is an explosive young corner. Opposite of Jairus Byrd, the Bills have Donte Whitner, who is a wiley veteran and is one of the hardest hitters in the league. Along with this fantastic secondary, the Bills have Paul Posluszny, who is a fantastic young linebacker that plays well in coverage. The Bills are built to play the pass very well, and their run support should improve in 2010, helping the pass defense even more.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers – No one can deny the greatness of the Steelers’ defense when Troy Polamalu is healthy. He is simply the single most influential defensive player in the NFL, and can alter a game with one ridiculous play. Combine Troy Polamalu with gritty veterans Ike Taylor, Bryant McFadden, and William Gay, the Steelers secondary becomes nearly unbeatable. Another very important aspect of Pittsburgh’s defense is Ryan Clark, who can hit so hard that he injures even the toughest guys in the league (*cough* Willis McGahee *cough*). However, the main reason that I believe their pass defense will be so good is the pressure that James Harrison and company (Woodley and Timmons) will get on the QB. The QB will be so worried about getting knocked upside his head that he will rush throws that will lead to turnovers.

These are the three pass defenses in the NFL that I believe will be the most difficult to air it out on. Watch out getting behind on these guys because you will not be able to pass your way back into the game!

Feel free to disagree with this list and post them in the comments sections below or message me and tell my why I’m dumb to my face!

Written by TimShroeder546


  • mcfadden is a steeler again bro… they traded the pick they got for holmes to get him on draft day

  • The word shut down corner is over use there only one and its revis cromartie had a good rookie year but hasnt really done anything since then.

    • wtf hes still great man longest play in histiry on the missed field goal lots os int some tds sacks not sre tackles 200 or so he is amazing more greater stats then revis and plus cromartie has a better catching rating with is pretty rare cause any one else ive used drops it

  • ellard dont try to call me out when u r wrong dawg. thank u everyone who is not trolling like ellard, and i didnt put the raiders in there because they dont have the quality safetys that these other teams have

  • Champ Bailey,Nnamdi Asomugha, are the true shut down corners. Even though,as a Broncos fan, I hate to give even a grain of credit to anything Raiders, they do have a great corner. I know Champ is getting older,but he is still very much a true shut down corner.

  • You have to put in the raiders and Broncos. Nnamdi Asumugha and Chris Johnson are top five on cornerbacks tandems. Johnson is fast and Nnamdi is top 5 corners in the league don’t throw toward his way( no more than 50yrds/game to that WR). The broncos have Champ Bailey and don’t throw his way either with Dawkins at safety helping out Goodman I shut down a lot of pass game with this team.

  • Raiders deserve to be up there more than the Bills. The Bills corners aren’t that good. Nnamdi is the best corner in the league (Revis had a great year but so too did Nnamdi and Cromarite and they both have little to no INT’s since), CJ can keep up with any receiver in the game and is good as long as he doesn’t get worn out (happens in real life, not in madden). Huff had a good year and has good hands for me in Madden. Branch is a hard hitter and can force fumbles. Plus he can run circles around Vernon Davis.

    Also, there’s Thomas Howard at OLB who is the best cover LB in the league (he’s now as avoided as Nnamdi), and with the best pass rushing D-Line in the league two years running, there’s enough pass rush to force throws into this great coverage group.

  • Packers and Saints should be up there… An uninjured packers secondary is trouble charles woodsen nfl def player of year, press corner al harris former pro bowler playing nickel, tramon williams, morgan burnett and of course nick collins who leads all safety over last 3 seasons in interceptions???? AND BILL ARE TOP 3????????????

    SAINTS have a clutch secondary with young proven talent….

    Lets get a list based off facts and not opinions…. too much madden in your head!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah dummy… Bills secondary is one of the best. But their run defense is the worse so teams just run it down their throats. That will change now that they drafted tons of defensive help along with the best player in the draft.. Mr. Marcell Dareus

  • to get the facts straight the bills had the second best pass D in the NFL last season. So before you come at me so crucial check your facts bro

  • I’d definitely put the Dolphins and the Bengals above the BIlls and Steelers just because of their really good, young corners.

  • where’s the eagles asante’ samuels is also a top corner and is among the league leaders in int’s every year

  • the bills had a good pass d on paper because everybody ran all over them all year long!!! the opposing teams didn’t have to pass!

  • Really? Nobody tried to pass against the Bills huh? Is that why they they had the 2nd most INT’s by any team? Teams attempted 519 passes against the Bills D (20th in the league) and they had the 3rd lowest completion percentage. And oh, just for the record, Oakland had the least passes attempted against them (438).

    One player doesn’t make the team great, the whole defense does. And in this case, if we’re talking about the Passing defense, the Bills are just slightly behind the Jets, and that was without a healthy McKelvin. It’ll be interesting to see where they end up this year with an improved run D (b/c they really can’t get much worse there).

  • The Steelers? I am always getting cooked with them, the pass rush never gets there on time even when I send 2-3 rushers!! is it just me?

    • Yeah its you. if your sending smith, hampton, kesile, woodly, and harison. Timmoions needs to remain in coverage iunless you take fairrio out and replace him with fox. then you can blitz timmions also.
      but with the first 4 or 5 i just named. …unless he has 7 people blocking that QB only has aobut 3 secs to throw the ball and that is in a full back peddel sprint with M. Vick.
      they came from all angles no holds bar. noone bloks harrison one on one when he is blizting.
      no runing backs can block woodly timmions or harrison. they go right by them or through them on some gladitor tpype mess.

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