Philadelphia Eagles Madden 11 Ratings

Philadelphia Eagles Madden 11 Ratings

madden 11 philadelphia eagles

Desean Jackson looks to remain beastly and deadly as always, he’s gone up a point so he now sits at a 91 OVR but his acceleration went down a point to a 98. Opposite Jackson is Jeremy Maclin who finally cracked the 80 mark and sits at an 81 OVR with 95 speed, he looks just as intimidating on the outside as Jackson does. My dude Jason Avant stayed the same at 76 OVR, he’s slowly establishing himself as a top slot WR in the league, he has good CIT at 87 and that’s why he’s such a good slot IMO because he can make the catches over the middle and hang on. The Eagles brought back former teammate and player Hank Baskett this off-season for depth, leadership, and special teams ability, but as far as Madden goes he’s a good RC target at 6’4. Now i know his CIT rating is pretty low at a below average 70, but I grabbed RCs with Baskett last year just fine when messing around with the colts in practice. Now for the player I’ve been most excited about, Riley Cooper. He’s 6’3 with 86 speed and 83 CIT that’s got RC/redzone target written all over it, it’ll be nice to have some size at wideout. I’m very pleased with the WR group and if they drop that 5th DT and pick up a WR like Chad Hall who is on the team right now you could have a nice return man and speedy slot man to work with Avant in the slot.

Now for the TE’s, I was wondering who EA would rate better, would it be Martin Rucker? Or Clay Harbor? Well, they chose my boy Harbor and for good reason! He stands about 6’3 but possesses 84 speed just like Ingram, so now you have two speedy TEs that can go vertical and a nice solid physical TE in Brent Celek that can work the short game and the middle of the field. My boy Brent moved up a point from an 87 in 10 to a 88 in 11, his inner ratings are similar to his 10 ratings but he looks real nice. If Ingram can stay healthy and get some quality playing time when Brent needs a break, his overall could go up, the kid’s got potential definitely.

At running back I was disappointed to see Shady (LeSean McCoy) didn’t go over 80, but I’m sure that will change now that he’s the full time starter. Mike Bell should help if you wanna play some smash mouth football, and they have for the 3rd running back Eldra Buckley, but I think if they keep three HBs, the Eagles will keep later round pick RB Charles Scott. There’s some other RBs in the mix, but he stood out at OTA’s and Eldra was given a shot last year to kind of make a name for himself as a goaline/short yardage back and it just didn’t work out but the near 240 pound Scott is a different story. I believe it will be him not Eldra that will make the final roster, although I liked Eldra. If they for some reason don’t though, you could always put your 3rd string TE Clay Harbor in at FB and rotate Weaver and Bell if you wanted to play a lil smash mouth football.

Now for the QB, it’s been the talk all off-season and a reason alot of people won’t use PHI (hopefully). Kolb sits at 75 OVR with about the same ratings he had last year throwing wise. It’s an improvement compared to his 73 OVR in 10, but maybe some people realize how valuable McNabb was even in Madden, it was always a luxury having a Pro-Bowl type QB around 90 OVR, but now that we have a below 80 QB we’ll see how people like using the Eagles. Kolb’s ratings aren’t horrible I guess but you can’t really air it out to Desean and Jeremy with 86 throw power. A good thing about Kolb is that he has above 70 speed so he can rollout of the pocket if necessary. We all know about Vick, so let’s move on.

Now I have some problems with the eagles O-line ratings, it seemed they all went down a point or two or stayed the same. No one got better even though backups were given alot of playing time and did decent considering the situation last season. Jason Peters, who made the Pro-Bowl last season, dropped a point for some reason but the difference between an 89 and 88 is very small but still I thought he would at least be an 90 but from his talk and outlook right now I’m sure he will be by seasons end. Next up is G/T Todd Herremans, who IMO played the best out of all the Eagles’ linemen this past season, yet he went from a 91 OVR to a 89 OVR winch again has me puzzled. Then we move to Jamaal Jackson who tore his ACL in Week 16 and missed the rest of the season. In his absence the Eagles’ O-line looked in tatters and not as cohesive as it usually is when he’s in there making the line calls. Jackson went from an 84 OVR to a 79 OVR. Now I realize this isn’t how Madden works, but when Jackson was healthy the line looked like one solid cohesive unit but when he went down there were all kinds of trouble and it was ultimately a deciding factor in the two losses to Dallas so really IMO it just shows Jackson’s value to the team and his rating should have stayed the same or gone up but I realize that’s not how EA or Madden works. So, on the other side of Todd we have big Stacey Andrews all 6’7 340+ pounds of him. If there was anyone that really deserved to go down rating wise it would have to be Stacey after coming in with such high hopes, but he and his brother (Shawn) did not play as good as the organization would have liked but he was in a new scheme and was battling some injuries. They’re still looking for him to be the starting RG so his rating could go up as it stayed the same at an average 80, and last but not least Winston Justice. After Stacey’s brother Shawn went down with the back injury, it left backup RT Winston Justice with a huge opportunity and he took advantage of it. He showed alot of improvement and that was ultimately the reason the Eagles parted ways with Stacey’s brother Shawn. I personally was a huge fan of Shawn’s, he was strong as a bull and he loved contact, he was definitely a mauler winch is what you want in a RT. Justice stayed the same at 77 that should go up with consistent playing time.

I’m really excited about this season’s linebacking corps, the Eagles went out and got Ernie Sims, winch will be a perfect fit in Sean McDermott’s aggressive defense. Sims possesses an average OVR rating (83), but that 88 speed will definitely come in handy. Now I thought for sure Akeem Jordan, who is playing opposite Sims, would crack the 80 OVR mark, but stayed the same at 79 but he has 84 speed and has 89 hit power. Mix that in with Sims’s 91 hit power and you have two OLB’s that can run fast and hit hard. The man in the middle Stewart Bradley is back after tearing his ACL at the Eagles flight night last season, the funny thing about it all is that Bradley missed all of last season yet he went up two points so he’s now a 79 OVR winch is cool I’m not complaining, I just find it funny. Also in the the LB group you have Moise Fokou, who finally made it out of the 60’s and sits at a below average 70. Also in the mix is the Eagles’ LB/DE hybrid project, Alex Hall. He’s the tallest player on the Eagles defense at 6’5 and he has 80 speed so he could be an ideal DE backup or user LB. And at the bottom of the list is rookie Jamar Chaney, Chaney ran a top 40 time and possesses 86 speed winch can come in handy.

The eagles D-line looks really good, starting DT’s Brodrick Bunkley and Mike Patterson stayed the same OVR wise at 88 and 83, then the DT’s fall off a bit and you have Trevor Laws at a below average 66 and former Redskin Antonio Dixon who is also at a 66. now despite Laws’s low OVR rating he possesses a 71 speed rating winch comes in handy when running ball carriers down in the backfield or setting the edge against a tackle or tight end, so from that aspect he still has value. Pretty much all Dixon is good for (in Madden) is to spell Patterson or Bunkley and pretty much just take up space with that 6’3 near 330 pound body frame. I’m interested to see if they actually got his body type right this year as last year they just kind of threw him in there last second and he looked like he weight 250 yet he was listed at 322. EA kind of shocked me by leaving out Eagles 3rd round pick Daniel Te’o-Nessheim and adding in a 5th DT ,7th round pick Jeff Owens. Now that’s strange to me because Te’o-Nessheim is a 3rd round pick and Owens is a 7th round pick but that aside, he Eagles usually only keep 4 DT’s on their team so really EA should have left Owens out for now and added in my boy DTN. I mean they had already given him his ratings when all the other early round rookie ratings were released, but they leave him out? Doesn’t make sense to me, but on to the DE group of the Eagles, they look really fast maybe not as high OVR as say IND or NYG but good nonetheless. First round draft pick Brandon Graham sits at a 78 OVR with 80 speed winch should be nice opposite of Trent Cole but even then guys like former Seahawk Darryl Tapp have some nice speed to him but the big shocker to me was later round pick Ricky Sapp’s speed rating. It’s a staggering 85! That’s crazy! He doesn’t look as fast as my boy Trent but oh well I’m not complaining, his 68 OVR is bad but like we all know speed kills in Madden.

And last but not least, the DB group. Asante still looks good at a 94 OVR and Ellis looks like he can hold his own at an 80 OVR. The nickel and dime backs (Macho & Jose) look to be nice spell men, I thought Macho’s rating would be a lot higher, I don’t see why it should have gone down he was a 77 in Madden 10 as a FS (thats not his natural position) then he moves back to where he was originally drafted to play and he goes down to a 72 OVR? That doesn’t make sense to me, IMO he should have gone up to the 78-80 range. As for the safeties, Marlin Jackson looks good at an 80 OVR but that 83 speed is suspect to me, I would rather use 2nd round pick Nate Allen who is the same size maybe a little bit bigger than Jackson but posseses 87 speed which is much better as a user safety. At SS Mikell looks to have gone down from a 85 to a 83 after making his first pro-bowl (shocker), other than that the DB unit looks solid maybe not as deep as it was in 10 with Brown in the mix but still very talented IMO.

Written by B-R-B

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  1. Fudgy

    Jul 15, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    great writeup BRB! I’m pretty content with our ratings. KOLB!

    • Jim

      Jul 16, 2010 at 7:22 am

      So is charles Scott and Chad hall going to be on madden 11

  2. Roger baptiste

    Jul 15, 2010 at 11:17 pm

    Is Charles Scott going to be on madden 11 and if he is his rating should be a 71 trucking 89 and speed 87 just cuz he’s big don’t mean his fast look at his 40 yardbdash and highlight tapes

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