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The Ultimate Defensive eBook for Madden 25 is now available!  Defense is harder than ever in Madden 25 but that didn’t stop us from putting together an ebook that will leave your opponent confused and angry. It has all sorts of A-gap pressure, B-Gap pressure, double edge heat, run stoppers, and much more (including how to turbo blitz in Madden 25).

It is based out of the Cincinnati Bengals defensive playbook but the majority of the plays can be found in any 4-3 defensive playbook.  The formations covered in the ebook are below.

  1. 4-3 Stack
  2. 4-3 Under
  3. 4-3 Over Plus
  4. 46 Normal
  5. Nickel Wide 9
  6. Nickel Normal
  7. Quarters Normal
  8. Quarters 3 Deep

Many of the plays in the ebook are very simple and can be done in 3 adjustments or less.  The hardest setups will take 4 adjustments with an optional 5th.  We have included a sample from the ebook below that is by far the most complicated setup.  If you can make these adjustments in about 10 seconds, you can easily use any play in the Madden 25 Ultimate Defensive eBook in an online game.

Play: Saw 0 Blitz


  1. Hot route your OLB on the right side of the screen to cover the guy who isn’t being covered (usually a running back or tight end)
  2. Shift your dline to the left
  3. Reblitz your DT#1 and move him over to the left 1 spot
  4. Take your OLB on the right side of the screen and reblitz him and move him between the right guard and center
  5. (Optional) Man align


Play: Cover 2 Sink


  1. Shift D-line to the left
  2. Reblitz your DT#1 and move him over to the left 1 spot
  3. Hot route your MLB to blitz
  4. Hot route your OLB on the left side of the screen to a blitz and place him directly over the right guard.
  5. (Optional) Put your deep safeties in yellow zones

Play: Cover 3


  1. Spread D-line
  2. Reblitz both DTs
  3. Shift linebackers out
  4. Reblitz both outside linebackers
  5. Make whatever adjustments you want to the zone defense behind it

Once your opponent is so concerned with you blitzing from the A gap and both sides of the formation all at the same time they will start blocking at least 1, probably 2 extra guys.  That is a good time to start calling some max coverage plays like 2 man under or cover 3.  You will have 7 0r 8 defenders in coverage against only 3 receivers.  At that point, you have the offense reacting to you and you have completely taken them out of their gameplan.

Remember, those plays are the most complicated and hardest to set up, so don’t worry if it seems like a long setup.  The majority of the plays in the eBook are 2-3 steps and take about 5 seconds max.

Purchase your Ultimate Defensive eBook for Madden 25 for only $24.99 and start dominating your opponents today!


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  • jay says:

    What about 3-4 defense schemes are some in book or is it just 4-3??

    • Madden-School says:

      This ebook only covers formations in the Cincinnati Bengals playbook which is 4-3, 46, Nickel, Dime, and Quarters. Unfortunately it does not cover any 3-4. That is mostly because there isn’t as much pressure to be had out of 3-4 formations in Madden 25.

  • MS601 says:

    Hey does the ebook come with updates throughout the madden 25 year?If I were to purchase today how would I get all the info??

    • Madden-School says:

      Yes as patches come out and gameplay changes we do update our ebooks. Once you purchase, you will receive an automatic email to the email you provided at checkout which will allow you to register and then access the ebook. If you have any other questions, let me know. I am happy to help.

  • Donnie88 says:

    Awesome ebook guys. Thanks for another great product

  • jay says:

    Well I run 3-4 defense pretty well and 3-4 have quarter defense as well so will ebook be useful too??

    • Madden-School says:

      If you are looking to exclusively run a 3-4 defense, then this ebook probably wont help you too much. If you run a 4-3 defense or are open to running a 4-3 defense with a 3-4 team (this can be done very easily) then the ebook will be very helpful.

  • jay says:

    Do yall mail ebook to your house after payment or do u download it to cpu or phone??

    • Madden-School says:

      After your purchase, we send you a registration link where you create a username and password. You then use that username and password to login to view the ebook on a CPU, phone, tablet, mac, etc

  • Randall says:

    Can you view the ebook thru Android or Apple?

  • jay says:

    Ok thanks ill be ordering soon if yall come up with a 3-4 scheme let me know .I been running dat defense a long time just tryin to step my game up.

  • Joronomo Ovechkin says:

    Are these plays legit? Cause everytime I run these plays people tend to do short routes like screen and wr screen and slants and I get beat

    • Madden-School says:

      Yes these plays are legit. Obviously if you blitz the whole game your opponent will make adjustments so you do have to mix in coverage plays with the nano blitzes.

  • BigWormLVG says:

    When do I get the guide , in the past I usually got them right away

  • Ms601 says:

    It says I’ve reached a quota for logging in how?If I leave the screen or whatever it signs me out after a period of time and when y’all add updates will there be a seperate link or can will they just be added to the current breakdowns??

    • Madden-School says:

      This sometimes happens when you are trying to view the ebook in a few places at once. It is just a security precaution to prevent unauthorized redistribution on our ebooks. It will work again within a few hours. When we update the ebooks, it will be added to the ebook area and we’ll make sure you know about it when updates take place.

  • Dennis Viner says:

    I am making a custom def playbook according to this guide. I was using the Bengals, but for some reason it says they do not have the 4-3 Under formation?

    • Madden-School says:

      That is odd, sometimes custom playbooks have small glitches like that. You may need to just add that formation into your custom playbook if it isn’t showing up by default.

  • steve says:

    how long does it take for ebooks to ship out?

    • Madden-School says:

      Every ebook is delivered automatically after payment is received directly to the email address you provided at payment

  • long xiong says:

    this playbook isnt just like the miami is it? i have the advance defense ebook already

    • Madden-School says:

      They are different playbooks. Both the Bengals and the Dolphins use 4-3 personel on defense so there are similarities but the plays in the ebook are 100% different.

  • juan says:

    hi im deaf myself so i want to ask you before i decide to order defense first then offense.. one thing my concern is that i cant hear talk if you talk about anything and i would complete not understand except maybe just look at video but point is i dont want to miss anything you say so you know what i mean.. so i was wondering if there is captions on ebooks or make lists how to adjust defense so i can read and follow same time so i dont have problems with that. let me know before i go ahead order it. thanks for listening.

    • Madden-School says:

      Yes our ebooks were actually made with no sound being in mind. Some people like to print out the ebooks, some people are at work/school and can’t listen to the videos, and some people are deaf. So pretty much anything said in the video is also written in text directly below the play. Each play is generally broken down like this.

      Anything else worth mentioning:

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      • juan says:

        ok thanks for responding.. i have other question to ask you.. do you have defense depth chart players? i know most of defense players that i tend to make adjustment like for example i put Left outside linebacker switch to right end because of strength and speedy and cover man or zone so i am curious if you provide that kind of information or not? it would be nice to have defense depth chart and same time understand how defense work covers man to man and zone too. i have had difficult time to cover quick when plays start and i tend to hurry baseline back to normal defense because sometimes defense not in right formation then i hurried reblitz some of players and defense linemen edge out or in so that is kind of thing that i need to work on.. i wonder do you explain how that works deep information why is important and also explain why important cb to use shade in or out? or you just give surface information step by step

        • Madden-School says:

          We generally don’t go over how to set your depth chart outside of sometimes listing that you want a fast player in a certain position or someone with good zone coverage in a certain position for a specific play.

          It is outside of the scope of our ebooks to tell you how to set your depth chart because there are so many different teams and playing styles there really isn’t a one size fits all solution to that kind of thing

          • juan says:

            ok got it defense plays basic or advance? i know basic level but i would like to know from middle level to advance like master so that to understand important steps by steps so i can practice to become more confidence with advanced master level.

          • Madden-School says:

            What do you mean by basic level vs advanced? Really the difference between the elite players and average players is just stick skills and the plays that they know. We provide those plays but we can’t really help improve your stick skills

  • regjo says:

    Will these blitzing concepts work for next gen consoles?

    • Madden-School says:

      I’m not sure anyone can answer that question at this point. We don’t know anything about the gameplay on next gen consoles and won’t know anything until mid-november.

  • jay says:

    I notice all defense plays comes from 4-3 or 4-6. I understand how there’s no book with 3-4 schemes that provides coverage behind the blitz.Just lookin for simple blitz with max coverage behind.I’m a fan of 3-4 because the playbooks has more to choose from like the original 3-4 playbook with 1-5-5 defense and 3-3-3 why no schemes for that stuff ??

    • Madden-School says:

      It is much harder to get pressure from the 3-4 this year than it is from fronts with 4 defensive lineman like the 4-3.

  • deeking518 says:

    i dont understand when u say biltz it how do i re biltz my d line men and my linebackers

    • Madden-School says:

      You scroll over to the guy you want to reblitz. Once you are on him, you hit A + down on the right stick on the XBOX 360 or X + down on the right stick on PS3

  • Phillip Le says:

    Hey, which should I choose to buy for now.. offense or defense to help me win games, if one of them help me significantly I will surely buy the other to help me even more!

  • thishaughville says:

    what about a 2-4-5 ebook, I feel that’s the best defense in the game… U guys think u can make one up?

  • Kenny says:

    Having a problem with the 4-3 Under i cam checking the playbooks and its not showing up for custom playbook or when i try to add it myself its the only formation missing. Any help?

    • Madden-School says:

      Custom playbooks acts funny sometimes and renames formations and plays. You’ll want to match the general look of the 4-3 under to whatever they are calling it in custom playbooks.

  • okay says:

    Do most of the set ups involve moving the linebacker over the guard?
    Cause I can’t use blitzes them in my league.

    • Madden-School says:

      The 4-3 over plus section is really the only formation where we have to manually hold a guy over the guard. The majority of the plays in the ebook are just shifts and defensive hot routes

  • Emanuel says:

    I just bought the e-book, not game… may bad. I am now awaiting instructions on how to access the e-book, how long will this take?

  • Camilo says:

    Can you please send me the link to view the ebook

  • Alan Garde says:

    My team is the Eagles. Can you put out tips for the 3-4 defence?
    Is there any way to mimic Kelly’s new high speed offence?

  • Cary says:

    So I have to purchase additional information to be any good at Defense in this game, most previous years of madden I’ve had respectable defense but Madden 25, I can’t stop a thing.

    Nada, zilch, everything works on every defense I choose.

  • j says:

    how many plays are in the D e-Book

  • Garrett says:

    does this ebook come with GOOD coverage plays also or just blitz?

    • Madden-School says:

      Most of the blitzes have pretty good coverage behind it. If you want to do a full on coverage defense, there isn’t much to go over really. Drop 9 or 10 guys into coverage in various zones and man to man defense.

  • Jarod says:

    I looked at your examples and I see you have good pass stopping plays. I can already stop the pass ok because the team I use has good cover guys. The problem I have is stopping the run. I have been scored on without my opponent throwing 1 pass on a drive before. Outside runs kill in madden 25 and that’s where i need help. Do you have a lot of good run stoppers that also offer decent pass coverage for the occasional play-action pass?

    • Madden-School says:

      If you are trying to stop the run against a good running team like the 49ers, you can’t really play any sort of effective pass coverage in this year’s game. We have a few run stoppers in the ebook but they dont stop every possible run and play action passes. They are just plays that put you in a good position to stop most runs.

  • Greensparrow says:

    I would like to get your ebook, but I refuse to sign up for pay pal. They are horrible. Don’t suppose there is any other way. It shows like you can pay with credit card, but when you click it takes you to pay pal.

    • Madden-School says:

      You can pay using a credit card as well although it is through paypal. Just click the checkout as a guest area or something like that once you click the buy now button

  • steven davis says:

    I am wanting to get this, but I don’t know if it will help much. I play on the xbox 360, it seems no matter what plays I pick i always get beat, i usually run man defense or cover 4, and usually have linebackers covering the opponents wide recievers. My opponent usually targets the running back. which my opponents usually have a 200 yard rushing attack against me per game. I try ushering players but seem to get beet worse by doing that. When on defense I usually grab the MLB and stay in my coverage zone but usually press rt (sprint button) to go where the ball is, how do i get better at usering a player. You answer my question, and that this will truly help me, then i will get it. i spend about 5 hrs a day trying to figure this crap out.

    • Madden-School says:

      It looks like your main problem is that you have linebackers covering wide receivers. You should pick your personnel on defense based on the personnel the offense comes out in. So if they come out with 4 receivers, you should ideally be in a dime or dollar formation. I believe if you choose your formations better, that will go a long way toward helping you get better on defense.

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