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Offensive Attack eBook For Madden 13

The Offensive Attack eBook for Madden 13 is now available for purchase and immediate viewing. If you are interested in getting a huge head start on the competition, this is definitely something you need. There are 10 chapters and 37 great plays in this ebook. All formations and plays in this eBook can be found in the Atlanta Falcons offensive playbook.

For the first time this year our ebooks can be accessed from any internet connected device, so you can use smartphones, tablets, ipads, iphones, etc. Each play also includes a full hd video as well as a written breakdown.

We choose 1 play out of the ebook to show so you can get an idea of what to expect.

Formation: Singleback Bunch

Play: PA End Around


  1. Hot route your circle/B receiver to a slant
  2. Hot route your tight  end to a streak
  3. (Optional) Hot route your square/X receiver to an out route


  1. Against zone coverages both your circle/B receiver on the slant and your X/A receiver on the corner route should be open
  2. Against man to man defense, look to your running back in the flat, or to your X/A receiver on the corner route
  3. If you decided to put the square/X receiver on the out route, you can throw a quick pass to him against man coverage right when he makes his break to the outside.

Those of you who have played Madden NFL games over the last few years know how dominant the Atlanta Falcons offensive playbook has been and this year it is even better. Below are the 10 formations that are covered in the ebook.

  1. Singleback Bunch
  2. Singleback Jumbo
  3. Singleback Doubles
  4. Singleback Y-Trips
  5. Strong Close
  6. Full House Normal Wide
  7. Gun Doubles On
  8. Gun Falcons Trio
  9. Gun Tight Flex
  10. Gun Falcons Empty

Get a head start on the competition and order your ebook today!

Only 24.99! Get It Right Away!


  • Once again another great ebook, guys! The plays have minimal setups and easy reads, even for old, slow guys like me. Thanks again for another solid product.


  • Sorry if this has been answered but I couldn’t find it…

    So when I buy this is a a downloadable file? like .epub or .mobi? Or is it simply access to a web site that contains the ebook? The reason I ask is sometimes I wont have internet and will want to read up on the tips and tricks.

    Any additional info would be great.

    • It is access to the web site which contains the ebook. However, upon request we can also send .pdf copies of any ebook directly to your email that you can view without internet access. Hope that answers your question. Let me know if I can help you with anything else.

  • I just ordered a offensive e book and usually when I order from you guys it down loads instantly but I have not revived it yet. Anything I can do?

    • Make sure to check your spam folder. If it isn’t there, send us an email and we will resend it.

  • I’m in madden leagues and i’m looking for a defensive ebook for madden 13 that has plays that gets pressure but i can only move one guy pre snap. you can shift Dline or backers but you can only manually move one player. Do you have a ebook that has plays i can use without moving 2 or 3 guys pre snap?? I want to buy a ebook if you can give me a sample that would be great thank you Chris Williams.

  • Hey, I have my own madden scheme but what does this one offer? Or is it just a guid to help you? Please help(:

    • It is a nearly 40 play offensive scheme based out of 10 different formations all in the Atlanta Falcons playbook to help you put points up on the board in Madden 13

  • I need help.I ordered one of these here there a iPod touch version?If so I’d like it due to computer problems

  • Just bought this e-book. Is there anything that i was supposed to download or do i have to come to the website every time to view the book?

  • Gotta say, the advanced ebook reminds me of my friends over the years who develop a feel for the game. Solid 46, solid offensive, but sometimes less is more gentleman. Advanced is impressive, but expected

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