4 Man Nano in Madden 11


Concept discovered and founded by Big Game James (Professional Madden Gamer)

Formation: 3-4 Solid

Play: 2 Man Under


  1. Hot route your MLB (Or anyone else you want to blitz) to a QB Spy
  2. Blitz your defensive lineman straight down
  3. Simply user the player that you have in a qb spy and run through the line for an easy sack

Notice that only 4 defenders are rushing the qb and you have 7 in coverage.  You can use this technique with a lot of different defensive formations.  Test it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

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  • jimmyT says:

    sick nano man, madden-school is the best

  • jimmyL says:

    Sick nano man, this is straight fire

  • Jazz says:

    the O-line isnt protecting correctly. the LT should be picking up the DE leaving the G to block you. why isnt it working? glitch?

    • lilchris094 says:

      Wrong,the DE is on the LG. Hince the rules in,on,out,away. the centers job is to take the DT therefore the RG is supposed to block the DE. This wouldnt be the case if the DE was about 3 more feet to the left on the inside shoulder of the LT

      • DMarten says:

        Just because the DE is on the LG doesn't mean the LG has to pick him up… Jazz is referring to how it SHOULD take place and how it would be if it was real life. And the line should clearly slide protect or man protect to the right letting the LT take the DE and the LG taking the blitzer. But then again it's a video game so who knows what blocking schemes these video game designers implemented into the game.

  • stanko says:

    great defensive pressure scheme. thank you

  • gfrre says:

    do you have to blitz all the defensive line down

  • Newbie9er says:

    does this work online?

  • danny says:

    so you have hot route the d-line straight down or crash them down? thanks

  • Memphis says:

    Big Game James, you still be wit Antman, and that asian dude Charlie.

  • dolphinsphinu says:

    oki 2 things "wrong" with this, one yes kind of a glitch man because the o-line drops to there man and not into pass blocking like in real life by just stepping back and waiting. but since you could blitz a gap it could be realistic. second i dont know if you guys are always playing the colts but normally theres like 4 secs before a snap in the game unless im missing something here

  • Forest Marie says:

    Absolutely it works online. After encountering this blitz as well as the cover 3 option, I've pulled off about 18 straight wins online. I like to play press coverage as well to mitigate the little quick throws.

  • ass says:

    How in the blue f'ing hell do you tell your dline to rush straight down

  • allabouttheu12 says:

    all u have to do to stop that is pinch your oline inside the guard will pick up the blitzer and the tackle will pick up the end

  • jigzbomb77 says:

    Garbage..any chump who needs to do this is a bum

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