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Free Tips Tuesday Episode #3

Free Tips Tuesday Episode #3

In today’s free tip we are going over a fairly basic way to pick up a lot of yards against all types of defenses.  The formation we run this play out of puts our best receiver in the slot by default which creates a huge matchup problem for the defense.  We have the full breakdown below.

Playbook: Green Bay Packers

Formation: Gun Pack Trips

Play: Stick Nod


  1. Hot route your square/X receiver to a streak route
  2. Hot route your running back to a swing left
  3. Hot route your r1/rb receiver to a slant route


  1. Your primary read is your X/A receiver on the stick nod route
  2. If he is covered, look to your r1/rb receiver on the slant route if he is open Pro Tip: Against man to man defense, lead pass to the left (to the middle of the field) which should allow your receiver to pick up extra yards after the catch.

For those of you who haven’t yet heard, we recently released our Madden 13 Advanced Defensive Tactics eBook with 25 great plays out of the Miami defensive playbook with full HD videos and detailed written breakdowns.  Click the banner below for more details.

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Madden 25 Information
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