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3 best draft classes

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    Default 3 best draft classes

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    Most of the 30 random draft classes have 33 A potential players in them. So for me it is not necessary to scout beyond those top potential players. However, after reviewing all draft classes I found these three with over 40 A potential players.

    QB - B Abrams with 43 players with A potential
    QB - M Galvan with 43 players with A potential
    QB - J Peters with 44 players with A potential

    I am not going to list all the players cuz thats 130 entries. but they will all be on top of the scouting list which is ordered by potential.

    If you want to get one of these draft classes just save before advancing to the regular season. Advance, then look for one of these QBs. If they are not there just reload your save and try again.
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