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    Default Power dive in the red zone???

    Is there any way to dedicate a low power dive inside the opponent's 5yd line? Too many times I have gotten tight with my ball carrier and needed a simple low dive to get what I need. The ball carrier gets sucked into a ridiculous animation. It seems very rare that the power move animation engages. 9/10 times its the "frogsplash taunt"

    I have also experienced an exceptional amount of unforced fumbles when diving forward (middle of field) to avoid a hit or to keep clock moving. I am a chronic "ball clutch" player, and the game seems to punish for playing safe.

    IMO EA needs to work on separating the taunt & dive commands for the ball carrier. The crappy end zone taunts got old in 2011 and haven't been updated since.

    Am I missing something on the low dive issue inside the opp 5yd line?

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    Yeah I hate this but I find just spamming x or being very patient with my runs opens up more holes in the endzone than just going downhill with my rb...

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    I have. Question, how do u kinda just go dwn with a wr or anybody without the dive animation I have never bn able to do so?

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    with a WR, in the open field, just tap and release X (on xbox). This only works with WRs. If you try it with a running back or Tight end you will dive. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, it can be effective but you do increase your chances of fumbling the ball.

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    I use the strong off tackle or iform twin off tackle

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