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Outside recievers are pointless in this game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baller7345 View Post
    If I can utilize James Jones, Jordy Nelson, and Donald Driver out wide (only Nelson is outstanding) then you should have no problem using Welker. Welker should be used in the slot anyway, and if his ratings are similar to Jennings which if I remember right they are he can make a living off of Stick and Stick n Nod along with other concepts that utilize the slot WR (Drive, Y Cross, Y Sail, etc.).
    i use him in the slot (edit: as well as outside depending on what formation) but sometimes baller i don't understand how welker is playing CB lol. i get the ideal breaks in the route but still hes sometimes too slow where either recovery or AI speed is just to great (dude i've seen 1v1 vs justin smith MCV. SMH smith jumped it lol). the one matchup i always dread is playing welker vs shields lol. i've lost many battles to say the least.

    but yeah my favorites are shakes and the stutter curls from the slot. i like sails also from bunch also. and obvi the slot screens in NE's PB. beast against zone. but some of the plays like the Pats Ace twins or whatever formation where hernadez and gronk are on one side and and the WRS on the other, there are a few intermediate routes that blow MCV up, but welker seems to run it with some difficulty.
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